MASCHALINA Luminary Night Collection Release

Discover the newMASCHALINA LUMINARY NIGHT COLLECTIONand immerse yourself in the deep dark night magic of a starry sky flooded with light. The jewelry sparkles in rich blue hues and vibrant greens. Inspired by the wild swirls of color in Vincent van Gogh's expressive landscape paintings, the new collection gives you a magical, mystical elegance when you wear it.

High-quality materials such as intense blue jade, rich green agate or deep black onyx are combined in the collection to create a color composition that carries the mood of a picturesque golden twilight. A nostalgia of shimmering diamonds, avant-garde spectrum of shapes and the mysterious expanse of the sky - the responsibly produced MASCHALINA LUMINARY NIGHT COLLECTION invites you to dream.

written by Tatjana Borodin