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> What material are the Maschalina jewelry pieces made of? 

They're made out of high-quality materials like swarovski beads, semiprecious stones and sterling silver.Tthe pieces are carefully handcrafted in Vienna.

> Are the Maschalina jewelry pieces waterproof? 

Our Maschalina earrings, stud earrings, hair pieces, rings and necklaces made of silk yawn are not waterproof.

Our Maschalina bracelets and necklaces made of sterling silver are waterproof.

However, we would not recommend permanent contact with water, shampoo, cleansing agents etc.

> How do I take care of my Maschalina jewelry pieces?

Our Maschalina bracelets with sterling silver pendants can be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth as well as our silver necklaces.

After wearing your jewelry always put it back into a pressure-resistant jewelry box or on a jewelry stand. Putting pressure on the pieces should be avoided.

Non-waterproof jewelry should always be removed for showering, bathing, sports and at night.

> How should I transport my Maschalina jewelry pieces? 

We recommend pressure-resistant jewelry boxes for safe transportation. Pressure should be avoided.

> Is there a warranty?

We offer a 12-month warranty for all Maschalina jewelry, from the day of purchase onwards. It includes all kind of manufacturing defects. It does not include scratches, damage of obvious external influence, staining, unsuitable care and wearout.

> My Maschalina earring/ jewelry pieces is broken. Can I get it repaired?

We are very sorry that your Maschalina earring/piece of jewelry is broken. Since we want to guarantee excellent quality our manufacturing facilities make a repair possible for you.

If your repair includes sewing, a fixed cost of 29,00€ + 3,90€ for shipping incurs. Please send the jewelry piece to our Maschalina office:

Mascha Lina Borodin - Ungargasse 2/14 - 1030 Wien - Austria

Please put a note with your name, address, e-mail and a short explanation in the packet.

> I have lost one piece of my pair of earrings. Can I buy a single piece? 

Unfortunately, we only sell pairs of earrings.

Since our Maschalina jewelry is handmade we select two matching pieces for each pair of earrings.

If in doubt, you can contact us and we will send you a 20% coupon for your next purchase.




Should you be unsatisfied with the delivered product(s), you can return the product by sending it to us within 14 days ($ 4 TOS – Right of Withdrawal)

We ask you to send the packet to the following address:

Mascha Lina Borodin - Ungargasse 2/14 - 1030 Wien - Austria

Please put a note with your account details in the packet. As soon as we receive your return we will refund you.

The shipping costs for returns are to be covered by the customer.