Meet the team

Mascha Lina Borodin

Managing Director & Designer

As a passionate designer, there is nothing that inspires me more than newly discovered, original combinations of shapes and colors of architectural details during a city trip. Inspired by ornaments in Venice's St. Mark's Square, the VENEZIA BY NIGHT EARRINGS not only match my wanderlust and passion for design, but its playfully cool yet elegant elements make it my favorite to wear.

Katharina F.

Office Manager & Management Assistant

I dance through life with clear goals in mind, yet a relaxed sense of humour and spontaneous wildness. This mix of organisational love and creativity runs through to my fashion taste: for despite my love of clean-cut, monochrome garments, passionate, bright red lipstick cannot be missing. When my wanderlust makes me travel south to the atmospheric evening sun, the red lipstick is stylishly combined with the MONACO BY NIGHT EARRINGS.

Janine W.

Webshop Manager, SEO & Digital Marketing

There is no such thing as boredom for me. If I'm not immersed in a book, I've discovered a new language for myself. Once this happens, I change all the language settings on my devices so that I, the perfectionist that I am, include that language in all possible areas of my life. My love of precision is summed up by the GLAMOROUS SOPHIA EARRINGS - it often doesn't take many words to make the most meaningful statement.

Chiara K.

Head of Marketing, Social Media & PR

Due to my real Viennese temperament, I really like to spend the weekend in a Viennese coffeehouse surrounded by my friends followed by a browse of a range of lovely boutiques. As a very lively person, you can also find me skiing in winter or drinking Aperol in summery Italy. The SHADES OF MONACO EARRINGS go perfectly with all of this - white as snow and classic as the milk foam from a Capuccino.

Tatjana B.

Creative Co-Director & Head of Editorial Content and Digital Media

Always on the lookout for the intense moments in life: A colorful sunrise on the mountain, morning exercise on a sleepy, quiet Sunday, or reading a book in the atmospheric evening sun by the sea. The ROSÉ SUNDOWNER EARRINGS are most fitting for this - determined red combined with fine pearls.

Wilma B.

Happiness Managerin

Aufgeregtes Schnuppern im Blumengarten, elegantes Aussehen, verspieltes Temperament, und hingebungsvolle Seele: Genau das beschreibt meine Persönlichkeit. Zu meinen liebenswürdigen Charakterzügen passen die süßen PEONY GARDEN OHRRINGE ganz klar am besten - liebliche Rosatöne und einmalige Statementnatur!