10 Jahre MASCHALINA: Ein Hoch auf nachhaltigen Designerschmuck

10 years MASCHALINA: Hurray to sustainable designer jewelry!

This week we are celebrating! Exactly ten years ago, the sustainable jewelry company MASCHALINA was founded. Since then, we have been creating unique designer jewelry pieces to highlight the individuality of every woman*. In this blog article we proudly look back on the past ten years. In doing so, we will show you what MASCHALINA is all about and which values we stand for as a fair fashion jewelry label.

The story of MASCHALINA: From personal jewelry creations to our own jewelry label

What was initially a creative balance to her studies in law for jewelry designer Mascha Lina Borodin, soon turned out to be her passion. In the beginning she made jewelry for herself and her friends. When suddenly more and more people wanted to buy her earrings, she decided to found her jewelry label MASCHALINA at the age of 20 . This resulted in a years-long career as a designer. The jewelry designer quickly established a reputation for herself with her fair jewelry company. Especially the featherlight statement earrings became MASCHALINA's signature.

More and more women* are becoming fans of the sustainable jewelry label. Whether Austrian presenters, German models or international influencers. Even in Hollywood there are real MASCHALINA jewelry lovers. Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford wore the hand-sewn DROPS OF SILVER EARRINGS at an opening event in Munich. Another milestone was when Boris Becker's daughter, Anna Ermakova, wore our handmade earrings at the 2019 Oscars. There she combined opulent MASCHALINA earrings with her evening look! Silvia Schneider, Cathy Hummels, Caro Daur, Kelly Rutherford, Anna Ermakova, Patricia Kaiser, Clivia Treidl and many more. All these wonderful women are fans of our comfortable statement earrings.

10 years of hand-sewn earrings from fair production in Austria

What is it that actually makes our fashion jewelry so special? An important factor is its sustainable production. From the very beginning, we were concerned about a fair production of our jewelry. Our jewelry is exclusively hand-sewn in social Viennese workshops. Thus MASCHALINA follows the principles of an ethical, local production. This is unique, especially in comparison to large jewelry companies. Highest-quality natural materials are handmade into your favorite jewelry pieces by using a special sewing technique. Precise handwork and long-lasting materials, such as gemstones, Swarovski glass and real silver 925, ensure that your earrings will last for a lifetime. Thus, MASCHALINA consciously sets an example for slow fashion and creates sustainable designer jewelry that is made for eternity.

The partnership with various social workshops in Vienna allows us to stay in close contact with our sewers. Through this cooperation MASCHALINA supports the inclusion of people, who have a hard time fitting into the fast moving job market. All of our jewelry is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Thus, each handmade piece of jewelry is truly unique.

10 years of unique jewelry collections - jewelry inspiration is everywhere!

Every year, designer Masha Lina Borodin creates beautiful jewelry collections. So you can always expand your collection of sustainable designer jewelry. Have you ever wondered where the designer gets her inspiration from? Most of all, she gets her inspiration from traveling. The architecture and cityscapes of new places, give her inspiration for her unique jewelry designs. For example, the red and silver BELLA VENEZIA EARRINGS are inspired by architectural features of St. Mark's Square and the washed-out house facades of Venice.

The precise design of each piece of jewelry ensures that even the opulent statement earrings, are featherlight and comfortable to wear. The quality natural materials are carefully arranged so that the weight of 10 grams per earring is not exceeded. For this reason, you can even wear your sustainable statement earrings during long days. Whether modern pearl jewelry, elegant drop earrings, fine earstuds, handmade gemstone bracelets or extravagant statement earrings. The unique, yet timeless designs of MASCHALINA jewelry pieces emphasize the individuality of every woman*.

10 years of Female Empowerment at MASCHALINA: Female empowerment is a priority for us.

As the founder of her sustainable jewelry company, the designer herself is a role model for many women* in the business world. Not only that: the entire team consists of unique employees who identify as women*. The designer is passionate about empowering women* and bringing them into leadership positions. In addition, we are always on the lookout for power women* to set up exciting jewelry collaborations. This anniversary year, for example, there was an exclusive earring collaboration with singer Tina Naderer. In addition, we are also happy to say that countless power women* wear our fair fashion jewelry from MASCHALINA every day.

10 years of charity at MASCHALINA - selling jewelry for a good cause

In addition to our responsible production, MASCHALINA supports selected charity campaigns every year. Last year we were able to support many important campaigns. For example, we partner up with Offisy several times a year. Together with the CEO Stefanie Schauer, wonderful charity projects are being created, in which MASCHALINA jewelry pieces are sold for a good cause. Thereby we support organizations that fight violence against women* and offer protection to those affected.

In addition, in March 2022, we donated 1,000 euros to the UNHCR as part of our MASCHALINA Charity Sale. The money was donated to support Ukrainian women* and children. When purchasing special jewelry sets from the summer ST BARTHS COLLECTION, 5% of the proceeds were donated to the charity organization CORAL REEF ALLIANCE, which protects endangered coral reefs. We also partnered up with the non-profit organization Pink Ribbon Monaco in 2022 to support breast cancer awareness and prevention initiatives.

Ten years of MASCHALINA! Ten years of unique fashion jewelry from Austria! Ten years of charity events, female empowerment and slow fashion! We say thank you and look forward to another ten years, in which handmade designer jewelry will sweeten our, as well as your everyday life.

written by Lara Sommerauer