What makes MASCHALINA anklets so high quality?

      The links of our high quality MASCHALINA designer anklets are made of real silver gold plated, enamel, brass and freshwater pearls. The material each anklet is made of is described exactly in each product description. Whether gold anklets with stars, anklets with colorful stones or anklets with real pearls - in our jewelry online store there are various handmade fashion anklets to buy. Our beaded anklets are hand knotted onto a stretch band. Most of our fairly produced anklets are even adjustable to different sizes, so that these are adaptable in beautiful combinations or to individual ankle sizes.

      How do I style MASCHALINA anklets best?

      The anklets in our online store are different in shape and colors. This makes them perfect to wear with different outfits and occasions. You can combine fashionable anklets with each other as well as with other fairly produced MASCHALINA jewelry. Whether the golden anklet with pendants for the beach, the trendy anklet for the summer party or the pearl anklet as a jewelry gift - at MASCHALINA you can find the right designer anklet for every occasion.

      How do I care for MASCHALINA anklets properly?

      Our goldsmith anklets are made of real silver and real silver gold plated. This type of chain can come in contact with water without any problems - If an anklet is taken off for a while and oxidizes or tarnishes, it can be brought back to a high shine with a silver polishing cloth without any further problems. Our anklets are stretchy and should ideally be taken off when showering. Since the inner rubber could otherwise fray over time. If the handmade and fairly produced anklets or trendy anklet need cleaning, we recommend using a disinfecting cloth or real silver polishing cloth.

      How do I untie a knot in my anklet?

      If your favorite anklet is knotted, you need two pins, which you carefully try to insert into the anklet knot. With careful movements the mesh of the anklet can be pulled apart. For transportation we recommend our trick described in the next paragraph.

      How do I transport MASCHALINA anklets correctly?

      Your favorite anklet got knotted? You want to wear your favorite anklet and notice that it is tangled with a second one or has a knot. Nothing is more difficult than untying that anklet knot. In order to transport a chain from A to B without worries, there are simple tricks. You hang the anklet vertically in a pressure lock bag and pinch the end of the anklet to the pressure lock. This allows the anklet to hang freely vertically without getting knotted. If you want to transport several anklets, you should clamp each anklets of a separate pressure lock bag. Goodbye anklet knots.

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