Velvet bracelets, pearl bracelets, friendship bracelet - what are the earring trends?

      You want to buy the latest bracelet trends online? Our seasonal jewelry collections in the MASCHALINA Online Shop contain the latest bracelet trends. Whether it's a soft velvet bracelet with an embedded gemstone, a delicate pearl bracelet, a friendship bracelet with a silver pendant or a fine bracelet with a gold, silver or roségold pendant - you can buy the latest jewelry trends online with us. However, the transformation of these trends into timeless bracelets is something close to our heart. The bracelet assortment in our online store contains a wide range of individual colors, shapes and highest quality materials. Among our designs you can find summery bracelets with shell pendants, festive bracelets as Christmas gifts or classic pearl bracelets for Valentine's Day. Whether bracelets for your bridesmaids, delicate gold bracelets for your best friend's birthday or trendy silver bracelets for the summer party - at MASCHALINA you can order online the right designer bracelet for every occasion.

      Sustainable and responsibly produced designer bracelets

      You want to buy sustainable and fair produced bracelets online? Because sustainability is very important to us, our MASCHALINA designer bracelets are handmade in local Viennese factories from the highest quality materials. Due to the close contact with our seamstresses, we can guarantee the highest quality of our fashion bracelets. We know where our hand-sewn jewelry comes from and can therefore live up to ethical principles. Our sustainable bracelets are not only produced regionally, but also under responsible and inclusive conditions. Fair wages, regional production and inclusion of minorities in the labor market are in line with our ideas of responsible bracelet production. Ordering sustainable and handmade pearl bracelets, roségold bracelets or delicate gemstone bracelets online is made easy for you in the MASCHALINA jewelry online store!

      What makes MASCHALINA bracelets so high quality?

      When you buy MASCHALINA bracelets online, you can be sure that only the highest quality materials are used. The handmade bracelets in our online store are made of tear-resistant nylon. Due to the robustness of these bands, you can wear the bracelet perfectly even when showering and you don't have to take it off all the time. The pendants of our bracelets also meet this quality standard. We always use pendants and beads made of real silver, real silver gold plated, gemstone and freshwater pearls in our bracelets. These luxurious materials can also come into contact with water without any problems. Should your fashion bracelet be taken off for a while and oxidize or tarnish, you can bring the pendant back to a high shine with a silver polishing cloth without any further problems. Whether silver bracelet, bracelet with heart pendant, bracelet with rosé beads or soft velvet bracelet - at MASCHALINA you are sure to find your new favorite bracelet.

      How do I close the sliding knot on bracelets?

      Our MASCHALINA designer bracelets are either tied with an adjustable slip knot, a windable macramé technique or real silver bead. With the sliding knot of our handmade bracelets, there is always a fixed side and a sliding side. When you put the bracelet on your wrist and put your middle finger in the mesh, you can move the sliding knot itself back and forth. The sliding knot has the advantage that the bracelet can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of wrist sizes. So both smaller and wider wrists can wear our MASCHALINA arm jewelry. Our windable bracelets in macramé technique or real silver clasp are pulled on both loose cords to close the fashion bracelet. If the bracelet is too loose in this case, you can of course tie those cords into a simple knot to stabilize the band.

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