Responsibly and fairly produced statement jewellery from Austria.

With our MASCHALINA jewellery, we want to offer you a selection of unique, luxurious pieces of jewellery that are responsibly produced in regional workshops. It is important to us that your favourite pieces of jewellery are fairly produced, handmade and not and only look of high quality, but also are of high quality.

Responsibly produced Statement Jewellery

Fairness and sustainability are essential for us!


From the very beginning, it was important to us to have our jewellery produced regionally and fairly, in contrast to large jewellery companies. That is why we have been cooperating with various social workshops in Austria since the beginning. This enables us not only to maintain personal and warm-hearted contact with our seamstresses and the production sites, but also to support social groups that have a hard time on the job market. Fair wages, regional production and inclusion of minorities in the job market correspond with our ideas of responsible production.


Sustainability can mean many things. Our MASCHALINA statement jewellery is precisely hand-sewn from high-quality, durable materials. Semi-precious stones such as agate, rose quartz, amethyst, etc., freshwater pearls, genuine silver 925 and Swarovski pearls are processed into earrings or bracelets using a special sewing technique (learn more here). We would like to offer you a selection of different, carefully designed pieces of jewellery which enables you to discover your favourite piece and fall in love with them. Our motivation is to produce luxurious and high-quality jewellery that you can wear for a lifetime and enjoy again and again. In addition, we offer to pack your order in an environmentally friendly way. If you live in Vienna, you can also easily pick up your online order at our office (learn more here)..

Slow Fashion instead of Fast Fashion!

Female Empowerment

Empowering women* is extremely important to us! Through charity events we support organisations that fight violence against women and offer protection to victims. In addition, MASCHALINA was founded by designer Masha Lina Borodin, who is passionate about bringing more women into leadership positions. The entire team consists of very special personalities who all identify as women. With the MASCHALINA statement jewellery, we want to emphasise the uniqueness of every individual woman!

Acting responsibly does not stop

MASCHALINA jewellery is handmade in Austria under ethical conditions. Acting responsibly means a lot to us. However, we are aware that there are many more areas where we can be more sustainable, environmentally friendly and responsible. We are not perfect, but we are working on making more and more areas of our jewellery label more responsible. So if you have any ideas, feel free to send them to us here