Deutsche Moderatorinnen sind verliebt in MASCHALINA Statement Ohrringe

German presenters are in love with MASCHALINA statement earrings

Presenters are often in the spotlight - whether in front of the camera, on stage, or on the red carpet. They usually have a very fashion-conscious appearance or even wear elegant evening dresses for formal appearances. The feather-light yet luxurious statement earrings from MASCHALINA work particularly well for stylish camera appearances. That's why our handcrafted designer earrings are so popular among German TV hosts. Presenters like Cathy Hummels, Kathi Wörndl, Janine Kunze, Frauke Ludowig and Mareile Höppner love the luxurious MASCHALINA statement earrings. In this blog post, we'll give you an overview of which of our earrings are particularly popular among German presenters and how they style them. Perfect inspiration to recreate the outfits.

Cathy Hummels wearing purple Maschalina statement earrings

Cathy Hummels: Drops of Rosé Earrings & Ornament of Brigitte Earrings

It-girl and RTL presenter Cathy Hummels can't get enough of the elegant MASCHALINA statement earrings. She has worn various styles of our statement earrings for many of her television appearances. The ex-wife of Mats Hummels hosts the RTL show "Kampf der Realitystars – Schiffbruch am Traumstrand" among others. In 2020, she also published her bestselling book "Mein Umweg zum Glück" (My Detour to Happiness), in which she provides intimate insights into her struggle with depression. As an inspiring power woman, Cathy Hummels loves to combine monochrome two-piece sets of blazers and trousers with the purple ORNAMENT OF BRIGITTE EARRINGS. This look not only appears particularly edgy but also emphasizes her strength and self-confidence. Cathy Hummels also enjoys wearing the small MASCHALINA earstuds. For example, the blue LITTLE FOUNTAIN EARSTUDS complement her shining blue eyes beautifully. We offer a variety of stud earrings in vibrant colors, so there's a suitable pair for every eye color in our online shop selection. In the summer, the beauty often reaches for the best-selling Drops of Rosé Earrings. These pink earrings stand out especially well with trendy braids. Cathy Hummels clearly shows the versatility of our feather-light statement earrings – from a powerful woman look to a playfully summery outfit.


Cathy Hummels wearing drops of rose natural MASCHALINA statement earrings in silver and pink

Janine Kunze: Shades of Monaco Earrings

German actress and presenter Janine Kunze has also fallen in love with the sustainable MASCHALINA statement earrings. The actress is known for films such as Til Schweiger's production "Barfuss" (Barefoot) and hosting RTL TV shows like "Vorher Nachher – Dein großer Moment" (Before After - Your Big Moment). When wearing the MASCHALINA SHADES OF MONACO EARRINGS, Janine Kunze showcases how stylish the light pearl earrings look with her blonde hair. With additional gold jewelry such as gold rings and a white t-shirt, Janine Kunze also opts for a tone-on-tone outfit. The presenter also appreciates that MASCHALINA earrings are being carefully handmade from the highest quality natural materials such as freshwater pearls and rose quartz in Austrian productions. If you also love tone-on-tone outfits, you're in the right place with us. We have jewelry in a variety of colors, so everyone is sure to find something they like.

Janine Kunze wearing light pink Maschalina statement earrings handmade from natural materials


Mareile Höppner: Before Sunray Earrings

Mareile Höppner is known for her hosting gigs on RTL, ARD, Sat.1, and Pro-Sieben TV shows. She also frequently hosts evening events. It is precisely for such occasions, where the red carpet is rolled out, that Mareile Höppner loves to wear the feather-light MASCHALINA statement earrings. She opts for the large, colourful earrings that are incredibly comfortable to wear despite their size. The green BEFORE SUNRAY EARRINGS suit Mareile Höppner exceptionally well. With a silver glitter dress and a sleek hairstyle, she captures all the attention on the red carpet. But she is also captivated by the uniform, pink PEONY GARDEN STATEMENT EARRINGS. With a long, white lace dress, she leaves us in awe. Mareile Höppner proves that MASCHALINA statement earrings look enchanting with evening wear.

Mareile Höppner wearing green sparkling statement Maschalina earrings from natural materials


It is clear that German TV presenters love the comfortable yet luxurious MASCHALINA statement earrings. There are many reasons why beauties like Cathy Hummels or Mareile Höppner repeatedly choose the high-quality and handmade designer earrings. The local and sustainable production, the premium natural materials, and the elegant designs make MASCHALINA earrings truly unique.

written by Tatjana Borodin