Edelsteine und ihre Bedeutungen

Gemstones and their meanings

Bling, bling! Gemstones make jewelry real eye-catchers, but not only that, they are also said to have special influences and meanings. Gemstones are said to carry certain energies and powers. In this post, we'll show you how to harness the energy of gemstones for yourself while staying right on trend with fashionable, high-quality jewelry.


Agate appears in many different colors and patterns. It is said to have the power of protection. Therefore, when Agate is processed in a piece of jewelry it is perfect as a lucky charm. So why not give your loved ones for their next birthday a beautiful piece of jewelry, with Agate in it? It not only looks beautiful, but also has a deep meaning! The MASCHALINA LAVENDER LAGOON EARRINGS, for instance, contain an agate.

Agate Stone earrings

Rose quartz

The rose quartz - a beautiful and delicate stone that also has a very special meaning. It is considered a healing stone of the heart and it is, among other things, named the love stone. What does the rose quartz do? The rose quartz has harmonizing powers in the spectrum of stone healing. Therefore, it is said to strengthen sensitivity, love power and joie de vivre. As a gift rose quartz jewelry can, therefore, serves as a beautiful gesture for your loved ones. Would you like to carry a rose quartz with you? Then the CLASSY ROSEQUARTZ EARRINGS can be of help - among other high quality materials, they are made of rose quartz.

rosequartz jewelry


What is jade made of? Jade is the name given to certain minerals, such as nephrite and jadeite. So, what effect does the jade stone have? The jade stone is mainly known for it healing powers, so it can be called a healing stone. If you wear a piece of jewelry with a jade stone on it, it is said that it carries health-promoting effects and provides balance. The MINTGREEN LAGOON EARRINGS contain a jade and can therefore be beneficial to your health.

jade gemstone jewelry


The moonstone - a stone perfect to stregthen sense of female empowerment. This stone is supposed to support female energies and is, therefore, closely associated with femininity. The name moonstone is due to the special shimmer of its surface, which is said to resemble the moonlight. In addition, the stone remind us that everything is created in a cycle, just like the lunar phases of the moon. Our best-selling VENEZIA BY NIGHT EARRINGS are also made of moonstones.

statement earrings with small moonstone


Last but not least - the amethyst. What meaning and properties do the amethyst have? In the past, it was considered to have a particularly extraordinary effect. It is said to have purifying energies, which could protect against drunkenness. Therefore, it is told, that goblets in the Roman Empire and ancient Greece were often studded with amethysts. In modern times, however, this particular stone is mainly known for averting negative energies, expanding the higher mind and promoting concentration, creativity and passion. The MASCHALINA ROYAL LAGOON EARRINGS can therefore be helpful for your concentration.

amethyst gemstone jewelry

written by Sarah Weindl