Unsere Partnerboutiquen: Seidl Trachten x MASCHALINA

Our partner stores: Seidl Trachten x MASCHALINA

Traditional clothing is outdated? Not if it is made by Seidl Trachten! In this blog post, we introduce you to another enchanting MASCHALINA partner boutique - the traditional company Seidl Trachten.

Tradition meets modernity

Tradition meets modernity in this family business founded in 1927. That doesn't work? On the contrary, the multi-generational company demonstrates it. In a perfect balance of tradition and zeitgeist. Sustainability is also close to the company's heart; by using natural materials and the highest quality workmanship, they create garments that are long-lasting and thus conserve resources, both for the wallet and the environment.

In five different shops spread across Graz and Anger, everyone will find what they are looking for! Be it beautiful traditional clothing, casual jeans or accessories.

The special thing about Seidl is that they are not only stocked with traditional clothing but also many other treasures. Therefore, in addition to traditional Austrian brands, such as their own brand Karl&Luise, Tostmann Trachten, Gössl, Susanne Spatt and many more, you will also find modern high-quality brands, such as Marc O'Polo, Diesel, Colorful Standard and of course MASCHALINA DESIGNS. This reflects the urban and contemporary implementation of traditional costume and tradition.

example looks statement jewellery and seidl trachten

Clothing needs no categories - only taste

Dirndl and statement earrings don't go together? Oh yes they do! The beautiful combinations by Seidl show how a perfect combination of zeitgeist and tradition can be achieved. For example, only by combining dirndl and modern Maschalina statement earrings do we get an exciting and unique look - the perfect balance. To put this in the words of Katharina Götzl „ clothing needs no categories, only taste." The Seidl looks demonstrate this. Whether delicate spring tones combined with a flower wreath and modern MASCHALINA creoles or sensual dark eye make-up, a trendy mullet combined with large elegant MASCHALINA statement earrings. Urban chic and traditional at the same time.

Would you like to recreate the looks?

Then visit one of the locations in Anger or Graz or simply take a look at the Trachten Seidl online shop 'Karl und Luise'.

example looks statement jewellery and seidl trachten

written by Sarah Weindl