Lightweight earrings don't have to be small - what makes MASCHALINA unique?

      What makes our large designer earrings special is that they are light and comfortable to wear. Among other things, our hand-sewn earrings are made of luxurious gemstones, which can be heavy. However, because the comfort of wearing earrings is important to us, we pay a lot of attention to the perfect balance of materials. By combining glass beads, rocaille and gemstone beads, we don´t exceed the ideal weight limit of 10 grams per earring. The guarantee to make any hand-sewn MASCHALINA earring wearable again, is also one of our quality features, as well as our amazing customer service. Should earrings lose luster or break off during their lifetime, our local production facility in Vienna will make earring repair free of charge or at a reasonable price.

      Hoops, pearl earrings, stud earrings or statement earrings - what are the earring trends?

      Of course, the seasonal jewelry collections in the MASCHALINA jewelry online store include current earring trends. Whether hoops, shell earrings or freshwater pearl earrings - you can buy the latest jewelry trends online with us. The processing of these trends to yet timeless jewelry is close to our hearts. The earrings assortment of our online store contains a wide range of individual colors and sizes. Among our designs you will find fine stud earrings and classic earring shapes like spheres and drops for everyday wear or the office. Also medium sized earrings, which can be worn both elegantly and casually, are available to order from us. Of course, absolute eye-catching earrings for trendsetters and fashion lovers are not missing. Whether bridal earrings, delicate stud earrings for the office, trendy hoops for a summer party, pearl earrings as a jewelry gift for Valentine's Day or high quality, opulent jewelry for the ball season - at MASCHALINA you can find the right designer jewelry for every occasion.

      You want to buy high quality designer earrings online?

      In the MASCHALINA jewelry online store you can be sure that only the highest quality materials are used. In all classic MASCHALINA earrings we use Japanese Rocaille and Miyuki pearls. These have the great advantage that one jewelry bead exactly resembles the other and thus the precise processing of earring designs is feasible. The glass of the fine rice beads is 100% colorfast, which protects them from discoloration. Natural materials such as gemstones, freshwater pearls and shell beads also play a major role in our hand-sewn earring designs. The majority of our processed gemstones are quartz, agate, jade, moonstone and onyx. All of these materials are hand drilled and then worked into unique earrings using an intricate sewing technique. The thread used for our fine designer earrings is made of sturdy nylon. Again, the color fastness of the yarn is of vital importance so that no discoloration can occur. Our stud earrings are nickel tested and made of either allergy free stainless steel - also called surgical steel - or real silver or 18kt real silver gold plated.

      What is the best way to care for earrings?

      Whether pearl earrings, gold earrings, fashionable designer earrings, gemstone earrings or trendy hoops - every jewelry needs the right care. Pressure on the plug and prong of our fine-stitched earrings should always be avoided. For transport we recommend to put your favorite earring into a small jewelry box, our MASCHALINA folding box or a small jewelry box. If there is dirt at the seams of the earrings, we recommend to clean the jewelry carefully with a disinfecting cloth. Sensitive ears can be cared for with ear hole cosmetics from the pharmacy. Usually these products contain disinfecting alcohol and essential oils.

      What are sustainable and responsibly produced designer earrings?

      Want to buy sustainably and fairly produced earrings online? Because sustainability is very close to our hearts, our MASCHALINA designer earrings are handmade in local Viennese manufactories from the highest quality materials. Due to the close contact with our seamstresses, we can guarantee the highest quality of our earrings. We know where our hand-sewn earrings come from and can therefore live up to ethical principles. Our sustainable earrings are not only produced regionally, but also under responsible and inclusive conditions. Regional production and inclusion of minorities in the labor market are in line with our ideas of responsible earring production. Order sustainable and handmade pearl earrings, hoops, stud earrings or designer earrings online.

      Where are MASCHALINA Earrings produced? 

      A special feature of MASCHALINA earrings is the fair production. As an Austrian jewelry label, all earrings are made in social workshops in Vienna. With an elaborate sewing technique, the ear jewelry is carefully sewn by hand. This makes the elegant earrings so high quality. In addition, the production follows the principles of fair fashion. Because the social workshops guarantee workers, who have it hard on the Austrian labor market, a job. With the purchase of our high quality handmade MASCHALINA earrings you support a regional production.

      What makes MASCHALINA earrings unique?

      The special thing about MASCHALINA statement earrings is that despite their size, they are as light as a feather. The light weight of the large fashion jewelry earrings makes them especially comfortable to wear. This makes them a perfect jewelry companion to wear on long, boisterous days and nights. Say goodbye to hurting ears. Plus, the earrings are hand-sewn using only the highest quality materials in social Viennese workshops.

      Which earrings clasps are the best? 

      There is a distinction between screw clasp, French hook, pin clasp or also called butterfly clasp, hinged clasp, and creole clasp. At MASCHALINA, we think the pin clasp is best for our statement earrings. The hole of the pin clasp should close tightly so that the earrings do not fall out of your ear.

      Can pierced ears close up? 

      In the first three months after piercing your ears, the holes can grow back together. This happens if the medical earrings you get from the piercer are taken out too soon. However, once a skin forms in the piercing canal, the ear holes cannot close. If one does not wear earrings for a long time, a sebaceous drop can form in the ear hole. This often gives the impression that the ear holes have grown together again.

      Why do my pierced ears hurt? 

      After your ears are freshly pierced by a piercer, they may hurt for a few days or weeks. This pain is quite normal. However, if ear piercings hurt long after freshly pierced ears have healed, it may be due to an infection. Often, ears are strained and injured by wearing earrings that are too heavy. If bacteria then gets into the wound, an infection can occur. Signs of an infection include redness, swelling, and even pus. To prevent this, MASCHALINA offers only lightweight earrings, which are comfortable and pain-free to wear.

      What are statement earrings? 

      Statement earrings are earrings that are large, eye-catching and unique in design. At MASCHALINA we strive to design a wide variety of statement earrings so that everyone can find their favorite earring. Accordingly, our earring collection consists of different, outstanding color combinations and styles.

      What to wear with statement earrings? 

      What outfits to wear with statement earrings depends entirely on the design. If you want to emphasize the statement designs, a minimalist outfit is very suitable. In other words, clothes with simple designs and plain colors like white or black. Otherwise, it can be recommended to match the colors of your clothes with the color of your extravagant earrings.

      How do I carry my earrings properly? 

      We recommend transporting your earrings either in a jewelry box, an organza bag or in a MASCHALINA jewelry box. If earrings are carried unprotected in a bag, the earring stud may break off. To avoid this, earrings should always be carefully stored in proper transportation boxes.

      Where can I have my MASCHALINA earrings repaired?

      To ensure that your MASCHALINA earrings will all last as long as possible, they are carefully hand-sewn using the highest quality materials. However, should your jewelry ever break, we at MASCHALINA are committed to repair them free of charge. This aspect is important for us to follow the principles of Slow Fashion. In contrast to Fast Fashion, Slow Fashion tries to make fashion wearable for a long time. The goal is to make earrings more sustainable, so that they are not thrown away after a short time. So if one of your earrings is broken, don't hesitate to contact us.

      How heavy are heavy earrings? 

      Earrings under 10 grams are considered a comfortable weight for the earlobe. Those who are particularly sensitive should take 7 grams as the upper limit for the weight of their earrings. At MASCHALINA we pay great attention to create earrings weighing more than 10 grams only in rare cases. Especially gemstones make earrings heavy. Therefore we always choose a mix of Swarovski glass, Rocailles beads and gemstones. This is how we create featherlight statement earrings that look heavy but are comfortable to wear despite their extravagant design

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