Top 10 Barbie Schmuck bei MASCHALINA

Top 10 Barbie Jewellery from MASCHALINA

The entire world is currently crazy about it: Margot Robbie and the new Barbie movie! In this regard, the Hollywood actress enchants us with her playful looks. After all, Barbie is known for always being impeccably styled from head to toe! Of course, her glamorous Barbie jewelry also plays a crucial role. In this blog article, we present to you our Top 10 MASCHALINA X Barbie jewelry pieces! Whether for the upcoming movie night or for recreating the style in your daily life, with our carefully selected colorful designer jewelry, you can create your perfect Barbie look!

The ROCK EARRINGS in Barbie Style!

The shimmering earrings from our latest summer collection are not just perfect trend pieces for the summer season. With their striking colors, many of them are also the perfect Barbie accessories! For all your Barbie-inspired outfits, the colorful SPLENDIDO ROCK EARRINGS, for example, fit perfectly. A pink gemstone and green Swarovski crystals make these handcrafted Barbie earrings an absolute eye-catcher. As we all know, Barbie's absolute favorite color is pink! How wonderful that our pink jewelry pieces in Barbie style are a perfect match. Adding a vividly pink Barbie accessory like the PORTOFINO ROCK EARRINGS will complete your dreamy girl outfits. If you prefer a light pink glowing Barbie jewelry, then the ROSE ROCK EARRINGS are the perfect choice!

Barbie Hollywood Glamour at MASCHALINA

Barbie is undoubtedly a fashion icon. Therefore, we tried to unveil Margot Robbie's jewelry secret to incorporate her tips and tricks into our Barbie looks. What becomes clear is that the right earrings can make a significant difference! Elevate a simple outfit with high-quality, playful statement earrings, or dare to combine extra bold jewelry with your kitschy look! The colorful BOHEMIAN RAINBOW STATEMENT EARRINGS are not without reason among our bestselling pieces. With their colorful gemstones, these dangling earrings are perfect for summer and your Barbie outfit. And the best part: thanks to their special design, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear despite their size. You love them, we love them, and we are sure that Barbie would also adore this Hollywood ear jewelry! If you want something a bit more understated yet still in the right Barbie style, opt for the SHADES OF MONACO EARRINGS. Natural materials in soft pink and gold tones make these handcrafted earrings absolute must-haves.

Barbie Jewelry for Everyday Wear

In her role as Barbie, Margot Robbie continuously surprises us with new styles and looks in various variations. Luckily, this also applies to our Barbie jewelry! If our opulent statement earrings are a bit too much for everyday wear, we also offer a wide range of simpler jewelry pieces that, due to their unique designs, still catch the eye and are perfect Barbie trend accessories. Pair the PINK SHELL EARRINGS with your Barbie outfit. Whether it's pink-on-pink for the movie premiere or a small yet noticeable color accent for your daily routine, these pink Barbie seashell earrings are comfortable to wear, easy to combine, and look incredibly stunning. To add a touch of pink to your Barbie looks, you can also choose the EN VOGUE GOLD HOOPS. Two delicate natural freshwater pearls adorn these classic Barbie hoops. These two delicate pieces are the perfect choices to complete your Barbie-inspired style in your everyday life.

Simple Barbie Accessories from MASCHALINA

It's no secret that earrings are our trademark. Even Barbie doesn't miss out on whimsical ear jewelry. But of course, we can also offer other options. In our online jewelry store, we have a wide range of Barbie jewelry, much more than just earrings. Whether it's rose-colored bracelets, pink rings, or Barbie necklaces. At MASCHALINA, you will certainly find the appropriate Barbie jewelry pieces for your upcoming events. The GYP SEA LILAC RING is one of our many pink stretch rings made of natural stones. A small, simple Barbie accessory that sweetens your looks in no time. Or you could try a trendy Barbie bracelet combination. For this, we have, for example, the PINK NAZAR BRACELET and the VELVET BOUQUET BRACELET as Barbie jewelry accessories in our online shop.

Enhance your look with Hollywood glamour with our unique MASCHALINA X Barbie jewelry pieces. From opulent statement earrings to subtle everyday accessories, our handcrafted jewelry pieces will perfectly complement your Barbie style.

written by Lara Sommerauer