Elegante Silvester Style und Schmuck Inspiration

Classy New Year's Eve style and jewelry inspiration

Once again, an exciting year is coming to an end. To say goodbye to this year in a really glamorous way, we have precious New Year's Eve style and jewelry inspiration for you at MASCHALINA. With these sparkling New Year's Eve jewelry pieces you are guaranteed to be the eye-catcher at every New Year's Eve party!

New Year's Eve Look 1:The shimmering sequin outfit with silver glittering jewelry

With the first NewYear's Eve look, you'll be the sparkling eye-catcher at any New Year's EveParty. A black sequin jumpsuit is the foundation of this elegant evening look.Add silver pumps and you can dance perfectly styled through the evening. With the right New Year's Eve accessories, you can give the glittering outfit that special something. To the dark shimmering jumpsuit you ideally combine silver statement jewelry. The gray VENEZIA BY NIGHT EARRINGS are the perfect elegant addition to your party outfit. The opulent New Year's Eve earrings sparkle in silver and white natural materials, such as Swarovski glass crystals and glass beads, to match your elegant party look. Handmade silver arm jewelry will complete your evening outfit. The stretchy ANJUNA SILVER RING and the stylish SILVER HEART BEIGE BRACELET make the perfect New Year's Eve arm jewelry combination. Et Voila - your elegant silver New Year's Eve look is ready!

Silvester Style und Schmuck Inspiration 2022

New Year's Eve Look 2:A monochrome trend party outfit with opulent statement earrings

The second New Year'sEve look is also great for starting the new year in style. Long beige wide-leg trousers are not only elegant, but also very trendy right now! Wear them with a classic cream or white blouse. This will give you a trendy and monochrome NewYear's party look. To become an absolute eye-catcher with your chic New Year's Eve outfit, all you need now is the matching New Year's Eve trend jewelry. Go all in and spice up your elegant outfit with extravagant statement earrings. The opulent JETON GOLD EARRINGS make the right statement for your party outfit. But don't worry: Even with their extravagant design, these big New Year's Eve earrings are still light asa feather, making them comfortable to wear all evening long. If you prefer silver New Year's Eve jewelry, you can combine the JETON SILVER EARRINGS in the same style to your outfit instead. The VELVET VEIL BRACELET finishes off your new year's jewelry combination. Whether sparkling gold jewelry, or shimmering silver tones. The sustainable statement earrings make your simpleNew Year's Eve outfit an absolute eye-catcher!

Silvester Style und Schmuck Inspiration 2022

Glamorous New Year'sEve Jewelry Inspiration at MASCHALINA

You have already chosen your outfit for the 31st of December and are only missing matching New Year'sEve accessories? No problem! In our jewelry online store you are guaranteed to find the right New Year's Eve jewelry for 2022. Are you looking for precious earrings in classic shades like silver, gray or gold that match every outfit? Then, for example, the gray and white ORNAMENT OF COCO EARRINGS are perfect.The pearl earring goes with any party look. Also the sparkling GREY STARSHINE EARRINGS are hand-sewn earrings that can be easily combined. Classic New Year'sEve jewelry inspiration for you! Would you rather have golden accents to yourNew Year's Eve look? Then the drop-shaped DROPS OF GOLD EARRINGS are the best choice for you! The silver and gold natural materials sparkle together with the rest of your MASCHALINA New Year's Eve jewelry. 

As blue New Year's Eve earrings, BLUE MYSTERY EARRINGS will match this festive evening. The noble flower earrings enhance your look and are therefore the ideal New Year's Eve jewelry. Easy to combine and still an eye-catcher! If you're in the mood for even more color, better reach for our colorful New Year's Eve statement earrings. The colorful BOHEMIAN RAINBOW EARRINGS will truly give every look that certain something. The colorful rainbow earrings get you in a top mood as soon as you combine them to your outfit. The perfect party earrings to start the new year extravagantly and in a good mood! 

Silvester Style und Schmuck Inspiration 2022

Of course you can also search for your favorite New Year's Eve styles yourself in our sparkling MASCHALINA jewelry collection. In any case, we will dance into the new year with these precious and sustainable party earrings! We hope we could give you good and classy New Year's Eve jewelry inspiration for 2022. Have fun combining your New Year's Eve jewelry pieces and have a happy new year!

written by Lara Sommerauer