Wie pflege ich meinen handgenähten Designerschmuck?

How do I take care of my handmade Designer jewelry?

From the very beginning, MASCHALINA has been particularly concerned about issues such as FAIRNESS AND SUSTAINABILITY. All unique and luxurious pieces of jewelry are responsibly produced in local Viennese factories. Thereby every single pair of STATEMENT EARRINGS is sewn with great attention to detail and by hand. This also allows us to guarantee a high quality of the entire jewelry selection.

To ensure that your fairly produced and handmade favorite pieces of jewelry remain your long-lasting companions, it is important that you pay attention to careful handling and good care. You ask yourself how? In this blog article we will give you a few tips and tricks on how to properly care for your favorites:

Tip 1: Choose your jewelry to match the occasion and lifestyle

Whether it's drinking cocktails, the birthday party of your best friend or a visit to the Vienna Opera Ball. All these occasions are perfect to wear your sparkling GLAMOROUS SOPHIA STATEMENT EARRINGS and get many admiring glances. But choosing the right earrings just depends especially on the occasion and your lifestyle. If you work in an office and spend most of your time sitting at your desk, you can easily reach for the noble, opulent FLOWERS OF CANNES EARRINGS and add even more elegance to your everyday outfit. The featherlight feel of our large earrings is also something that makes MASCHALINA special. So you can reach for your glamorous favorites even for a long day at the office. If you are more on the move or big earrings might bother you, rather go for the small but still very chic ROSE VEIL EARRINGS. Also the white DAISY AND PEARLS EARRINGS made of freshwater pearls are the perfect small earrings.

In general, you should always think carefully about whether wearing jewelry is suitable for your plan. If there is a risk that it could be damaged or lost, it is better to take it off in time or leave it out completely. Before sports, sunbathing or showering, for example, it is essential that you do not wear the jewelry and thus guarantee its longevity.

Tip 2: Store hand sewn jewelry neatly

Of course, the storage of your designer jewelry plays an important role. Ideally, you have a casket or a jewelry box to protect your jewelry from dust and light. Especially the big, extravagant statement earrings need enough space so that they don't get caught and scratch each other. RINGS or BRACELETS are usually not quite so delicate, so you can pack even two or three together. But be careful: Here, you must also pay attention to whether the material is delicate or whether there is a risk that they will become knotted.

When traveling or when taking off your earrings on the go, make sure you don't just throw them in your bag. It's best to use a small box or bag for safe storage.

Tip 3: How to properly clean your sustainable designer jewelry

If your favorite piece of jewelry ever loses its sparkle, you can clean your jewelry. Keep in mind that no two pieces of jewelry are alike. While some can be easily treated with household products, others require special products or even the care of a professional. For small dirt remains water, soap and a soft brush often already help. But be careful, not every piece of jewelry can be cleaned this way. Natural materials which we use, such as pearls and gemstones, are particularly sensitive. Therefore, you should only work with a moist cloth and carefully clean the specific areas. For tarnished silver jewelry, it is best to get a silver polish. In general, you should also take into account whether the earrings are silver, such as the EN VOGUE HOOPS, or the golden-colored SANTA MONICA PIER STATEMENT EAR RINGS. With precisely hand-sewn earrings, you should be particularly careful not to damage the thread and stones.

If you're ever unsure about how to clean your jewelry, simply seek out an expert and let a professional make your favorite piece of jewelry shine again.

If you take these points into account in your everyday life, nothing should stand in the way of the longevity of your jewelry. This way, your handmade designer jewelry pieces can continue to be your cherished companions.

written by Ina Lamadé