What makes MASCHALINA rings so high quality?

      When you buy cute MASCHALINA rings online, you can be sure that only the highest quality materials are used. The handmade goldsmith rings in our online store are made of real silver and real gold-plated silver. Because of the sturdiness, you can wear the luxury designer rings flawlessly even while showering and you don't have to take them off all the time. The set gemstones of our rings also meet this quality standard. We always use fine pearls or genuine silver pearls in our stretchy rings. Whether it's a silver stretchy ring for your best friend's birthday, a pearl ring for Valentine's Day or a goldsmith's ring with a set gemstone as a Christmas gift - at MASCHALINA you can order the perfect designer ring online for any occasion.

      How do I know my ring size?

      With the help of a ring sizer or ring stick which you can find in every jeweler or jewelry store, you can easily measure your own ring size. Affordable plastic ring sizers are available for purchase online. There is also the method of measuring the ring size with a thread. You put the thread around the finger on which you want to wear the ring. You cut the thread at the point where the two ends of the thread intersect. The length in mm tells you your ring size: 48mm = ring size 48, 50mm = ring size 50, 52mm = ring size 52. The smallest commercial ring sizes are usually around 50, although at MASCHALINA we also offer smaller ring sizes such as 46, 47, 48 and 49. Very largest ring sizes are 58 to 60 and are also partially available in our ring selection. There is a difference between American ring sizes and European ring sizes. For example, US ring size 6 corresponds to EU ring size 52. We also show you other ways of measuring your ring size in our blog article.

      Gold ring, silver ring or pearl ring - which ring trends are there?

      In our ring designs, we also combine classic design without losing sight of current jewelry trends. Sparkling gemstones are set into the fine ring at MASCHALINA and can be beautifully combined with our handmade earrings. Stretchy rings made of fine freshwater pearls or real silver beads can also be found in our assortment. Those designer rings can be worn on different fingers due to the flexible band, as they often cover a range of 2 to 3 sizes. The ring sizes are individually selectable in our online store. Our ring assortment contains a wide range of colors, shapes and the highest quality materials - you can buy the latest jewelry trends online with us.

      How do I care for MASCHALINA jewelry rings properly?

      Our goldsmith rings are made of real silver and real silver gold plated. Gemstones are set in these rings. The ring material can come into contact with shower water without any problems or can still be worn when washing your hands. If a ring should be taken off for a while and oxidize or tarnish, it can be brought back to a high shine with a silver polishing cloth without any further problems. The stretchy rings from our online store should ideally be removed when showering or washing hands, as the inner rubber could otherwise fray over time. If the stretchy rings need cleaning, we recommend a disinfecting cloth or real silver polishing cloth for the ball rings.

      How skin-friendly are MASCHALINA rings?

      The MASCHALINA rings are very skin friendly. Our rings are made of high quality natural materials such as Sterling Silver 925, gemstones, or freshwater pearls, often enhanced with a small Sterling Silver bead. As long as you do not have a real silver allergy, all rings are very well tolerated.

      Which Materials are MASCHALINA rings made of?

      MASCHALINA rings are made of only the highest quality materials. The goldsmith rings usually have a precious gemstone set in them. We also offer adaptable stretch rings with high quality freshwater pearls or precious gemstones. The natural materials make the rings so high quality.

      Which ring belongs on which finger?

      Typically, the engagement ring belongs on the left ring finger and the wedding ring on the right. But now it is also modern to wear many rings on different fingers. There are small rings for the little finger or for the finger end joint. Rings on the thumb symbolize power. To be especially trendy with your ring combination in 2023, you can try ring stacking by combining lots of different rings on several fingers at the same time.

      Why is my ring suddenly tight?

      Fingers are not always the same. On hot days, fingers can swell due to heat. Likewise, pregnant women often have thicker fingers during pregnancy. On cold days, they can be thinner the other way around. Therefore, you should pay attention to which ring size you buy. We have special stretch rings that adjust well to your finger size.

      Can rings be made smaller?

      In general, rings can be made smaller at the jeweler. Plain rings are best suited for downsizing. It is perfect if the ring does not have to be made drastically smaller, but only minimally. Rings that have a complex design or many stones can make the downsizing process more complex. In any case, it is advisable to ask a trusted jeweler to make the ring smaller.

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