Celebrities die nachhaltigen Schmuck lieben: unsere Green ML Schmuck Ambassadors

Celebrities who love sustainable jewelry: Our green ML jewelry ambassadors

More and more influencers are joining the trend of wearing and promoting fair-produced and sustainable fashion. Due to the significant contribution of the fashion industry to climate change and environmental pollution, some influencers are beginning to rethink their choices. At MASCHALINA, we also ask ourselves every day how we can make our company structures even fairer and more sustainable. In this blog post, we want to give you an overview of which influencers, who are dedicated to the topic of fair and sustainable fashion, wear our jewelry. Additionally, we want to explain what makes our statement designer jewelry sustainable

Fairly produced and sustainable statement earrings – is it possible? 

We believe that quality is not only created through expensive materials, intricate craftsmanship and branding. We believe that quality is also created through responsible production. By responsible production, we mean paying attention to the working conditions of workers and the impact on the environment. With our statement jewelry, we try to combine all these components. Our MASCHALINA statement jewelry is handmade exclusively from the highest quality, durable materials. We use only natural materials such as gemstones, freshwater pearls, sterling silver 925, and Swarovski pearls. This quality material is then crafted into our statement earrings or cute bracelets using a special sewing technique. We also strive to be as sustainable as possible in this process. Our jewelry has been produced in Austria from the very beginning.

We collaborate with various social Viennese workshops where our luxury designer jewelry is hand-sewn. This allows us to maintain personal and close contact with our seamstresses. At the same time, we support social groups that have difficulty finding work in the job market. Regional production and the inclusion of minorities in the job market align with our vision of responsible fashion. Another factor that is important to us is creating long-lasting luxury jewelry. For this, we use the highest quality materials, crafted with meticulous care. In rare cases, MASCHALINA jewelry may become damaged. If that happens, we guarantee free repairs. This is also to fulfill our commitment to longevity. High-quality jewelry should not be discarded if it has the potential to be worn again. All these sustainability factors have convinced some fair fashion influencers like Marie Nasemann and Barbara Meier.

Fair fashion influencer Marie Nasemann wearing green handmade Maschalina statement earrings


Influencers Marie Nasemann and Barbara Meier Love Fair Fashion Jewelry

German model, actress, author, and podcaster Marie Nasemann has been dedicated to the topic of fair fashion for several years. In her blog Fairknallt, she writes about sustainable fashion and has received awards like the Young Icons Award for her work. She first wore MASCHALINA statement earrings in 2017 and has been in love with them ever since. Her current favorite pair is the FLOWERS OF CANNES STATEMENT EARRINGS. These feather-light statement earrings have become one of our bestsellers, thanks to the trendy leopard-patterned agate that makes the earring truly unique.

GNTM winner Barbara Meier is also an ambassador for various environmental campaigns. Since 2015, she has been a WWF ambassador for the "Ghost Nets" project, which focuses on educating people about plastic waste in the oceans and its environmental impact. Since 2017, she has also been an ambassador for fair and environmentally friendly fashion at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. She has been wearing MASCHALINA statement earrings with enthusiasm for many years. Her favorite is our long-time bestseller, the BEFORE SUNRAY STATEMENT EARRINGS. By combining these sparkling green, hand-sewn earrings, the fair fashion influencer is making a clear statement for more awareness in the fast-paced fashion world!

Fair fashion influencer Barbara Meier wearing green handmade Maschalina statement earrings


We hope that through our responsible approach to jewelry production and materials, we can convince many more Green Ambassadors to join us in working towards a more environmentally friendly and responsible fashion industry.

written by Tatjana Borodin