Jewellery Repairs

At MASCHALINA, we are very serious about our promise to create sustainable and long-lasting jewellery. That is why we offer to repair broken MASCHALINA jewellery free of charge. Despite the careful, local production of our MASCHALINA jewellery, it can happen that threads come undone or plugs break off.

Should this happen, you are welcome to send the broken piece of jewellery to our MASCHALINA Studio, Ungargasse 2/14, 1030 Vienna. In case of a damaged earring, please send the whole pair (2 earrings). As our earrings are handmade, we need the whole pair to be able to match both earrings perfectly.

The shipping to the studio must be paid by the customer. However, we will then take care of the return shipping. If the jewellery was purchased less than 6 months ago, we will gladly pay the entire shipping costs. In this case, we ask you to enter the invoice number in our contact form. Processing can take 3 to 6 weeks after we receive your return.

Leave us a message ⭐️

Before you sending us your damaged MASCHALINA jewellery for repair, we ask you to fill out the following contact form. Please fill in your name, address, e-mail and a short description.

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