925 Silver Jewellery


      Sustainable and modern silver jewellery from MASCHALINA

      Are you looking for sustainable real silver fashionable jewellery that will stay with you for a long time and is fashionable at the same time? Then you're at the right place! We have jewellery in all possible designs and variations in our range of 925 silver jewellery. Size-adjustable nylon bracelets with silver pendants, trendy sterling silver ear cuffs and rings with gemstones in a silver setting. In our online jewellery shop, you will find the trendiest sterling silver jewellery of the season! And even better: all our 925 real silver jewellery is produced fairly and in Austria. Because right from the start, we have made it our mission to create long-lasting pieces of jewellery according to ethical principles. Because our 925 real silver jewellery should stay with you for as long as possible!

      What makes our MASCHALINA silver jewellery so sustainable?

      All of our MASCHALINA silver jewellery is handmade in social workshops in Vienna. From the very beginning, we have placed significant value on local production based on fair and ethical principles. Therefore, we can guarantee that you are supporting the principles of slow fashion and sustainability with the purchase of your silver jewelry. Creating durable pieces of jewelery is part of our company philosophy. We want to make sure that your jewelry will last a long time and give you years of pleasure. And should one of your sterling silver pieces of jewelry break, we offer to repair it free of charge.

      Which 2023 silver jewellery trends are there at MASCHALINA?

      Trendy silver jewellery can be incredibly diverse. We have sterling silver jewellery in a variety of colors, shapes and designs. The tear-resistant nylon bracelets with silver pendants are particularly popular. Whether they be gray bracelets with silver-colored pendants, a glitter bracelet with a gold-plated silver pendant or a colored bracelet with a gemstone in a gold-plated setting. In our range of MASCHALINA silver bracelets, you will find many pieces of jewellery for a trendy 925 real silver bracelet combination. An 18k gold-plated real silver statement chain or rather a modern 18k real silver gold creoles with gemstones? Gold-plated silver jewellery is very trendy right now, easy to combine and simply looks great! Bracelets with rose gold-plated silver pendants should not be missing from your trendy designer jewellery look this season. Thanks to the adjustable pull clasp, all of our silver bracelets are adjustable in size and thus fit every wrist. The 925 real silver bracelets make your jewellery a real eye-catcher!

      How do I care for my MASCHALINA 925 real silver jewellery?

      The good thing about your 925 silver jewellery is that it is particularly easy to care for. If you don't wear your sterling silver jewellery for a few weeks, it tends to oxidize. A dark-looking layer then forms on your jewellery. This layer can be dark gray to black. But no worries! This oxidation of silver is a completely normal process and has nothing to do with the quality of your favorite piece of jewellery. You can also easily clean your 925 real silver jewellery! It is best to use a silver cloth for this. Your jewellery can easily be cleaned and polished with a silver cloth. Et voilà - your sterling silver jewellery looks brand new! We also recommend that you regularly wipe your piece of jewellery with a cotton cloth after wearing it. The MASCHALINA jewellery should then be stored in a sturdy jewellery box or on a jewellery stand.

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