Ein Rückblick auf eine extra Portion Frauenpower: MASCHALINAS exklusiver Beitrag zur PINK RIBBON MONACO Gala

A Look Back at an Extra Dose of Female Empowerment: MASCHALINA's Exclusive Contribution to the PINK RIBBON MONACO Gala

In a pure women's atelier in the heart of Vienna, a narrative of female strength and collaboration unfolds. MASCHALINA, an Austrian slow fashion jewelry brand that goes beyond mere adornment, symbolizes feminine strength and solidarity. At its core, MASCHALINA's philosophy revolves around empowering women and practicing social responsibility. Through collaboration with four social workshops in Vienna, providing stable job opportunities for individuals facing mental or other challenges, the Austrian jewelry label embodies values of unity from production to distribution.

Actively involved in various charitable initiatives, MASCHALINA has long supported organizations such as the Women's Shelter Austria, UNHCR, and since 2022, PINK RIBBON MONACO. The recently held PINK RIBBON MONACO Gala was undoubtedly an event in the name of women's power! A theme, barely any other brand fits better than MASCHALINA, a successfully established women-led jewelry label for over 10 years. With an exclusively designed earring for the gala, the Austrian jewelry company surprises and not only brings great joy to the guests but also conveys another important message of courage! The pink natural earring by MASCHALINA symbolizes strength and the will to continue to feel femininity despite the challenging battle against cancer! As a gift to all gala guests, the specially created piece of jewelry reminds everyone to be part of a significant movement, celebrating the resilience of femininity! An evening in the name of unity, especially among women, brings forth touching, empowering, and hopeful moments - an occasion that even Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco did not want to miss!

Pink Ribbon Monaco Charity Gala

MASCHALINA's Commitment to Empowering Women

As a women-led company, there is perhaps no other aspect of our corporate philosophy that we pursue and embody more intensely than women's empowerment. Our MASCHALINA jewelry is truly made by power women*, for power women*! With a female leadership - jewelry designer Mascha Lina Borodin - and a team entirely composed of young women*, we collectively work every day to create dreamy jewelry pieces for our female clientele. This is pure women's power - this is MASCHALINA! The successful entrepreneur also aims to lead by example, inspire women*, and bring more women* into leadership positions. In addition to numerous events focused on empowering women, we live and breathe the women's power of our label every single day! Ultimately, we are incredibly proud of our extensive MASCHALINA family. With great joy, we can say that countless of our customers are absolute power women* who prove their strength and unity every day anew!

Female Founder and Jewellery Designer Mascha Lina Borodin

The PINK RIBBON MONACO Gala 2024 and the Exclusive MASCHALINA Earrings

The recently held PINK RIBBON MONACO Gala at the legendary Casino Monte Carlo, attended by the princely couple Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene, was a spectacular event with a noble purpose. The proceeds from the event were fully donated to the Princesse Grace Hospital. In collaboration with this esteemed gala, MASCHALINA has designed an exclusive earring. This symbol is meant to remind all guests to appreciate the incredible strength of femininity and encourage women* in all walks of life to keep fighting. The unique women's earrings are much more than just an aesthetic statement. This exclusive piece of jewelry is a symbol of solidarity and unity.

Pink Ribbon Monaco Charity Gala exklusive ML earrings

Together for a Noble Cause

In close collaboration with PINK RIBBON MONACO, MASCHALINA continues its tradition of advocating for important causes. The gala provided a platform for the women-led jewelry label to make a significant contribution to empowering women and supporting the fight against breast cancer. The elegant earrings adorning the gala guests symbolized not only the commitment to a good cause but also the celebration of the remarkable resilience of women!

Pink Ribbon Monaco Charity Gala

We at MASCHALINA couldn't be prouder to be part of such an important message!

written by Lara Sommerauer