Gemstone Jewellery


      The feather-light gemstone earrings are comfortable to wear 

      A trademark of the MASCHALINA gemstone earrings is their light weight. Gemstones are often heavy, which is why gemstone earrings can cause pain when worn for long periods of time. Things are different with the MASCHALINA statement earrings. We have specialized the gemstone earrings so that they are comfortable to wear- you can wear them for a long time without any problems- whether for a wedding, a ball, the next party or in everyday life. We can achieve a comfortable earring weight by balancing the materials. We combine high-quality gemstone beads with light Swarovski beads and rocaille beads, which guarantees that the earrings are light in weight. This allows us to adhere to the weight limit of 10 grams per earring. 10 grams is the limit that makes an earring comfortable to wear. In our online jewelry shop you are sure to find the perfect, lightweight gemstone earrings for you. The large selection of colors and shapes makes the range so diverse.

      Quartz, agate, and moonstone – which gemstones are there? 

      There are many different gemstones in different colors, patterns and shapes. When it comes to our elegant gemstone jewelry, we mostly work with high-quality gemstones: agate, quartz, smoky quartz, rose quartz, jade, moonstone and amethyst. The special thing about agate and quartz is that there are so many different shades - which allows us to create designs in different colors. Whether turquoise gemstone earrings, jewellery with a light gemstone or a colorful gemstone necklace - our range has a suitable piece of jewelry for every taste.

      How effective are gemstones? 

      Gemstones are said to have effects on the body, moods, energies and character traits. For example, agate strengthens self-confidence and self-acceptance. This can help shy people gain greater self-confidence when approaching other people. Smoky quartz has an antispasmodic effect. That's why they can be helpful for headaches, period pain or sore muscles. Rose quartz has a preventative effect on thrombosis and heart attack. The pink gemstones also help with depressive moods. Jade has a very harmonizing effect. Jade gemstones also encourage you to make your dreams come true. Moonstones promote empathy. And amethysts can promote concentration and calm the nerves. Would you like to give your friend gemstone jewelry? Then it is a wonderful idea to consider the effectiveness of gemstones and explain the meaning of gemstones to the recipients.

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