Swarovski jewellery


      MASCHALINA Swarovski earrings are light as a feather and comfortable to wear.

      MASCHALINA earrings are known for being light as a feather despite their size. The lightest among the big statement jewellery are the earrings that are hand-sewn with Swarovski pearls. Since the high-quality Swarovski pearls have a low weight, huge earrings can be worn for a long time without hurting the ears afterwards. This is what makes the MASCHALINA statement earrings so extremely popular - Because you can wear them for a whole wedding or party without any problems. As gemstones are usually heavy, the Swarovski earrings are by far the lightest in the MASCHALINA earring range. Nevertheless, the quality of the material and the elaborate manufacturing method make the designer earrings extremely valuable and unique.

      What makes Swarovski special?

      Swarovski pearls are high-quality glass crystals that are produced in a complicated, patented production process. The glass is cut and polished to resemble a diamond. The complex production and the diamond-like appearance make Swarovksi pearls so high quality and special. Nevertheless, the glass crystals are much cheaper than real diamonds. The aim of the Austrian inventor David Swarovski was to make "diamonds" affordable for every normal consumer. Thus, the glass crystals are of higher quality and more expensive than normal glass jewellery, but much cheaper than real gemstones and diamonds.

      Carefully hand-sewn Swarovski earrings in social workshops

      MASCHALINA Swarovski jewellery is both feather-light and sustainably produced. The high-quality glass earrings are elaborately produced in social workshops in Vienna. The fair working conditions and careful handwork make the Swarovski earrings so high quality. The social production facilities secure a fairly paid job for workers who have a hard time on the Austrian labour market. In addition, regional production follows the principles of sustainability. Long transport routes, which cause high CO2 emissions, are avoided. With the purchase of an elaborately hand-sewn Swarovski earring, you support social projects and a sustainable production culture.

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