Pearl Jewellery


      What kind of pearls are there?

      There are different types of pearls. Natural and cultured pearls grow naturally in shells. Natural pearls are rarer and therefore even more valuable than cultured pearls. Imitation pearls are produced synthetically and are therefore of lower quality. Natural pearls come in different shapes - for example, spherical, oval, or drop-shaped. But there are also quite unusual, asymmetrical shapes that can be made into artistic, unique jewellery. Pearls from salt water are usually more valuable, as only one pearl can grow per shell. In freshwater, in contrast, up to thirty pearls can be grown per shell.

      Is pearl jewellery trendy?

      If you wear pearl jewellery, you are definitely on trend. Whether pearl necklaces, large statement pearl earrings, pearl anklets, bracelets with cute mini pearls or stretch pearl rings - styling pearls is a must for all trendsetters. At MASCHALINA we don't design classic pearl jewellery in the old-fashioned grandmother style, but interpret pearl necklaces into modern necklace designs. This makes them fashionable and totally on trend. MASCHALINA pearl necklaces range from bohemian peace necklaces, white necklaces with asymmetrical natural pearls, and silver necklaces with pink freshwater pearls. It is particularly fashionable to wear chains on top of each other. The so-called chain layering looks especially stylish with different pearl chains.

      >Sustainable and unique pearl jewellery from MASCHALINA

      MASCHALINA pearl jewellery is particularly sustainable and unique. This is mainly due to the fact that we sometimes use freshwater pearls in our jewellery, which are misshapen. These misshapen and unique natural pearls are often sorted out during production because they are not considered perfect. However, we find the misshapen natural pearls very special and artistic, which is why we use them in our designs. On the one hand, using asymmetrical beads guarantees the uniqueness of our high-quality fashion jewellery. On the other hand, we find it important for principles of sustainability that the misshapen beads do not end up in the rubbish. With the purchase of a MASCHALINA piece of jewellery, you consequently receive a unique piece of pearl jewellery that is sustainable and special.

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