Trendy Boho jewelry for the festival season

      You are still looking for the right boho jewelry for the upcoming festival season? Then you are in the right place! Perfect for the upcoming festival summer, we have eye-catching pieces of jewelry in a hippie style for you. Colorful boho earrings are the perfect companions for the exciting festival season. After all, what could be better than dancing to good music on a summer day while being perfectly styled? No matter if you want big earrings in rainbow colors, trendy feather earrings or festival jewelry in pastel colors. With our handmade 70's earrings, you are guaranteed to be the eye-catcher at any music festival.

      Handmade Boho Jewelry at MASCHALINA

      In our jewelry collection you will find a large selection of colorful earrings in the creative boho style. But what is it that makes our unique hippie jewelry so special? An important aspect of all our jewelry is its sustainable production. Also our extravagant festival earrings are, like all our jewelry, handmade in social workshops in Vienna. Only the highest quality natural materials are used. Using a special sewing technique, these are handmade into your unique Bohemian earrings. Shiny freshwater pearls, rice pearls, Swarovski crystals and semi-precious gemstones make your rainbow earrings long-lasting companions. The quality materials guarantee that your festival earrings will last you a long time.

      Which Boho jewelry trends are there?

      Combining boho jewelry is very trendy right now! But not only on summer festivals the 70's earrings are popular. You can also combine your dark boho jewelry pieces to your looks during cold seasons. Thus, even on dreary winter days you can lift your mood with colorful hippie jewelry pieces. In our jewelry online store you will find numerous pieces of jewelry in the trendy bohemian style. The classic boho style is flashy, colorful earrings in fancy shapes. For this purpose, we at MASCHALINA transform our colorful natural materials into the trendy hippie earrings. Other boho jewelry trends include hanging feather earrings with colorful natural stones and eye-catching jewelry in bright colors. Large gemstones, funky feathers, playful designs and bright shades should definitely not be missing from your boho trend jewelry. Besides, boho jewelry is more than just a fashion trend! Combining your colorful jewelry is all about the joy of life, creativity and freedom. Just the right thing to shine with your MASCHALINA hippie earrings.

      What are the boho jewelry trend colors?

      When you think of boho jewelry, the very first thing that comes to mind is colorful jewelry in bright colors. Therefore, in our bohemian jewelry collection we have many colorful festival earrings in bright neon colors. Hand-sewn hanging earrings in neon yellow or neon orange statement earrings made out of natural materials are an absolute eye-catcher. Also chin-length boho statement earrings or playful flower earrings in bright blue tones perfectly fit the boho trend. You are looking for bohemian earrings in trendy pastel colors? Then mint green boho drop earrings or turquoise hippie pearl earrings are just the thing for you! But in our MASCHALINA jewelry assortment you can find the trendy hippie earrings in any color. Whether white, feathery statement earrings, or even black, fancy drop earrings in 70's style. Among our countless models of trendy 70's earrings, every boho jewelry fan is guaranteed to find what they are looking for.

      How to combine my Boho jewelry

      You can combine your sustainable jewelry pieces in bohemian style in an incredible variety of ways. If you want to put the attention on your hippie statement jewelry, keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible and avoid other pieces of jewelry. If you want to let loose when styling your festival jewelry, you can also wear several of your bohemian jewelry pieces at the same time. The good thing about trendy boho jewelry is that you can combine it ideally with other colorful jewelry pieces. But even alone, your playful Boho earrings are a statement in itself and make you an absolute eye-catcher! So there are no limits to your creativity when combining your sustainable hippie jewelry pieces. So go ahead! Dare and discover your favorite Boho jewelry combination in our colorful jewelry assortment.

      Which Boho earrings are suitable for festivals?

      At festivals, it's all about your outfit not only looking good, but also being comfortable. This also applies to your festival accessories. For this you are exactly right with us! Even our extravagant MASCHALINA Boho earrings are featherlight despite their size and therefore comfortable to wear. The quality natural materials are carefully arranged so that your colorful hippie jewelry does not exceed the weight of 10 grams per earring. Our handmade Boho earrings are therefore perfect for dancing through the night without pain even at long festivals.

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