Modern ethnic jewellery at MASCHALINA

      Ethno jewelery describes a modern, versatile jewellery mix! Inspired by the most diverse cultures from all over the world, our jewellery range is also extremely diverse. What should not be missing in your ethno jewellery combination are colorful pieces of jewellery, unique shapes, modern patterns and jewellery made of high-quality natural materials. At MASCHALINA, we have more than enough pieces of jewellery in the trendy ethno style. Whether golden leopard earrings, jewellery made from natural freshwater pearls, hand-knotted bracelet sets with protective pendants or modern pearl necklaces. With us you are guaranteed to find your perfect jewellery combination in the ethnic style.

      What exactly are the hottest ethnic jewellery trends?

      Ethnic jewellery trends are just as diverse as the different cultures that inspire them. In any case, this includes eye-catching hippie jewellery in bright colors. Purple gemstone earrings or hanging rainbow earrings hit the spirit of the ethno style exactly. Modern pattern mixes, such as leopard patterns, should not be missing from your ethnic jewellery. Natural materials, such as high-quality freshwater pearls, which are processed into your trendy ethnic jewellery, are always welcome. Necklaces and stretchy rings made of shimmering freshwater pearls are not only easy to combine, but also just right for your ethnic jewellery collection. The trendy ethno jewellery doesn't stop with hippie earrings! Bracelet combinations with as many colorful bracelets as possible are also popular. Whether those be chains, rings, bracelets or anklets. No matter what piece of jewellery you are looking for, we have a lot in the trendy ethno style!

      Ethnic jewellery with protection pendants

      The Nazar Amulet is a protective eye and is used in other cultures to protect the wearer from the evil eye. In our online jewellery shop you will find a large selection of colored lucky charm bracelets with pendants in a wide variety of colors. A handmade lucky charm bracelet with a protection tag is also the perfect gift for your best friend or loved one. Our tear-resistant MASCHALINA bracelets are also adjustable in size and can be individually adapted to your wrist. Perfect for your trendy, colorful ethnic look!

      How do I combine my ethnic jewellery?

      You can combine your MASCHALINA ethnic jewellery in an incredible variety of ways. Try it out with a modern ethnic bracelet combination. Here you combine several bracelet sets in different colors. Et Voila - your trendy, colorful ethnic jewellery combination is ready. This turns your wrist into an absolute eye-catcher. Your colorful hippie earrings can also be perfectly combined with your outfits. You can combine clothing in simple colors with your bright 70's earrings and thus draw all the attention to your ethnic jewellery. Or, you can coordinate the colors of your hippie jewellery and combine it with clothing or other pieces of jewellery in similar shades.

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