MASCHALINA Charity Sale unterstützt ukrainische Frauen* und Kinder

MASCHALINA Charity Sale supports Ukrainian women and children

Our team thought about it for a long time: How should we, as an Austrian jewelry company that is passionate about helping women, take a stand on the events in Ukraine? It is clear to us that as a company that produces luxury products, we are not a political aid organization. Nevertheless, the images and reports of the Ukraine war leave us anything but cold. On the contrary, we find it difficult to publish - let's put it harshly - "banal" sales posts. That's exactly why we decided to launch a charity campaign from March 09 to March 31, 2022. We would like to tell you about it in this blogpost. Because it is important for us to communicate our project to you transparently.

A fairly produced jewelry company that supports women in need. If our jewelry company MASCHALINA has a political agenda, it is probably the following: To support women in any way we can. For example, it is important to us to support women on a successful career path. That's why we are a team full of unique and strong women. In addition, we have supported women in need through several charity events in the past. We would also like to continue this activity in the future by contributing to various charities and events that support or help women. Since so many Ukrainian women with children are currently fleeing their home country, we have decided to pursue our agenda here. Therefore, we have created a selection of 16 handmade MASCHALINA jewelry pieces, which we now offer at 10% off, and 50% of the net proceeds will be donated weekly to the relief organization UNHCR. We would like to keep you informed about how much money can be donated to UNHCR and have created the following transparency table. In this table you can follow the charity action publicly.

Why do we donate 50% of the net proceeds?

We have long thought about how we can support Ukrainian women. As already mentioned, we are not a charity organization, but an Austrian jewelry company. We also have our fixed costs to pay: Employees, materials, production facility, and much more. In order to maintain our fixed costs and still be able to help Ukrainian refugees, we have chosen the amount of 50% of the net proceeds. This amount covers approximately our fixed costs. That is exactly why the discount on the selected jewelry cannot be combined with other discount promotions.

What is the UNHCR?

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is a global refugee organization of the UN. It assists refugees who are forced to leave their homes, to flee safely from their homes. They also provide psychological support to children, help refugees with legal problems, and enable those seeking help to find refuge in a safe shelter. Even at the moment, UNHCR is helping Ukrainian refugees to leave their homes. That is why we would like to donate 50% of the net proceeds of your purchase to the UNHCR.

Do good in many ways: Buy sustainable jewelry, support Austrian production facilities, and help Ukrainian women

With the purchase of a selected, hand-sewn piece of jewelry from MASCHALINA, you are not only helping Ukrainian women. Our online jewelry is also hand-sewn in Austrian production facilities. These production facilities are social projects that help people who have a hard time on the job market. We are also constantly trying to make our company structure and products as sustainable as possible. From pick-up at our studio, high quality materials, to sustainable packaging, we strive to improve every day in this regard as well. With the purchase of a selected piece of jewelry you support not only the aid organization UNHCR, but also marginalized groups and workers in Austria, as well as the motivated women in our studio

written by Tatjana Borodin