MASCHALINA Schmuck als Zeichen gegen Gewalt an Frauen

MASCHALINA jewellery as a sign to fight violence against woman

You don't just want to give presents to friends and family at Christmas time, but also help women in need? In this blog post we would like to tell you about a particularly touching social project. Stefanie Schauer is the managing director of the software company Offisy and has recently launched a charity campaign that raises money for the Linz Women's Shelter. The great thing is that MASCHALINA jewellery is integrated into this project. Stefanie Schauer offers a selection of our handmade jewellery at a reduced price in her online shop. The proceeds of your jewellery purchase are then donated to the Linz Women's Shelter. So far, this has already amounted to more than 10,000 euros.


Why is supporting women's shelters such an important project, especially at the time of Covid and Christmas? According to statistics of the Autonomous Austrian Women's Shelters, every fifth woman over the age of 15 is exposed to physical and/or sexual violence. Every third woman over the age of 15 is sexually harassed. This year, the number of femicides, acts of violence against women and especially domestic violence increased steadily in Austria. Due to the restrictions of the pandemic, which require women to spend more time at home, misogynistic behaviour has increased. And also during the Christmas holidays, women's shelters are often overrun with requests for help. After all, it is also during these holidays that things get tough for many women in their own homes.


How do women's shelters help women who are affected by physical and/or sexual violence? The Linz women's shelter offers affected women and children a range of care services that are adapted to the expectations and respective situation of those seeking help. There are offers for residents of the women's shelter that range from accompanying them to offices and authorities, support in finding a job and a place to live, to help with legal issues, and support in the case of divorce. However, the women's shelter also makes sure to help women who do not live in their house. You can find more information on the website of the Linz Women's Shelter.


MACHALINA jewellery is handmade in Viennese social workshops under fair conditions. When purchasing jewellery in Stefanie Schauer's online shop, you not only get the high-quality earrings at a lower price, you also help women's shelters and support fairly produced fashion. So if you are still looking for very special, social Christmas gifts, Stefanie Schauer's project is perfect. Who also thinks that a MASCHALINA earrings from this social project are a very special Christmas gift?

Charity Frauenhaus Linz mit Maschalina Ohrringen

written by Tatjana Borodin