MASCHALINA x Pink Ribbon im Kampf gegen Brustkrebs

MASCHALINA x Pink Ribbon in the fight against breast cancer

MASCHALINA x Pink Ribbon Monaco sets an example against breast cancer

It's no secret: Female Empowerment is a top priority at MASCHALINA. That's exactly why it's especially important for us to support organizations, initiatives and companies that help women in a variety of ways. In our latest project, our jewelry company MASCHALINA cooperates with the non-profit organization Pink Ribbon Monaco. Pink Ribbon Monaco has set itself the goal of raising awareness for breast cancer prevention and helping women with the disease. We would like to join them. At this year's Pink Ribbon Walk in Monaco on February 13, 2022, you could win the ethically produced MASCHALINA jewelry.

What is the Pink Ribbon Walk?

The non-profit organization Pink Ribbon Monaco aims to raise awareness for breast cancer screening and prevention through various campaigns and events. One of these events is the Pink Ribbon Walk in Monaco. The total proceeds of all tickets sold are donated to medical institutions dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. Pink Ribbon Monaco works closely with medical professionals from the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace and the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. Both entities conduct education and awareness campaigns that promote healthy lifestyles for prevention and early detection, through screening in the Principality and neighboring communities. Early detection, prevention and education save lives. That's why Pink Ribbon´s work is so important. You can learn more about Pink Ribbon on the Pink Ribbon Monaco Website.

Maschalina at Pink Ribbon Walk Monaco

How did MASCHALINA support the Pink Ribbon Walk?

MASCHALINA donated four online jewelry giftcards worth 250€ to Pink Ribbon Monaco, which could be won at the raffle during the Pink Ribbon Walk. The total proceeds of the tombula were then also donated to medical institutions. In addition, on the @pinkribbonmonaco Instagram page, a pair of MASCHALINA's bestselling VENEZIA BY NIGHT EARRINGS could be won. On the @maschalinadesigns Instagram page there was a giveaway for the VENEZIA BY NIGHT EARRINGS. Lastly, all Pink Ribbon Walk participants received a 20% voucher for our jewelry online store, as well as a beautiful MASCHALINA bracelet. Our support doesn't end there: we would also like to cooperate with the Pink Ribbon Gala in October. Stay tuned!

Maschalina at Pink Ribbon Walk Monaco

written by Tatjana Borodin