ML-Schmuck und Beauty Adventkalender Rückblick: 24 traumhaft schöne Weihnachts-Überraschungen für die Adventzeit

ML-Jewelry and Beauty Advent Calendar Recap: 24 beautiful Christmas surprises

Even the most beautiful time of the year comes to an end. Since December was an especially beautiful and exciting month for us, we are happy to look back at the Advent season once again. This year we launched our exclusive MASCHALINA Jewelry and Beauty Advent Calendar to make the time until December 24 as stress-free as possible. Filled with 24 small, carefully packaged surprises, our spoiling advent calendar accompanied you through the Christmas season. These following wonderful jewelry and beauty care surprises have sweetened your December:

Week one: Christmassy sparkling jewelry pieces

The first package contains a very special jewelry surprise: A pair of shimmering pearl earrings, that were specially designed for the jewelry Advent calendar. The golden earrings are in the style of the SALINS BEACH GOLD HOOPS. The freshwater pearl is the highlight of the hand-sewn earring. Complete your Christmas looks with this sparkling and trendy, sustainable pearl earring accessory. Behind another calender door is a festive freshwater pearl bracelet. The high-quality natural materials are shimmering in white, cream and golden shades on your wrist. Another Christmas special from week one are exclusive, wintery MASCHALINA ear studs. The hand-stitched Christmas ear studs are made out of fine white and rose gold natural materials. Like all our MASCHALINA EARSTUDS, these hand-sewn, fine Advent calendar jewelry pieces are made from long-lasting materials in social Viennese workshops. These sustainable Christmas earstuds are in the shape of a snowflake and will go with all your winter outfits. The last Christmas jewelry of the first week of Advent, are silver glittery MASCHALINA earrings. The gray flower earrings are in the same style as our MALA BEACH EARRINGS. Made out of high quality natural materials, these silver designer earrings are made to last. Hand-sewn Christmas earrings for you!

Week one: Natural care products and delicious snacks to spoil you

In the first few days of Advent, you will also be sweetened by high-quality care surprises. Nourishing organic powder shampoo by Eliah Sahil and an anti-aging serum by Rosental await you as quality beauty surprises in the first week of December. Both natural cosmetics brands are characterised by the highest quality ingredients. Just the right thing to spoil yourself during the stressful Christmas season. The organic tea in the White Tea variety from Afro Coffee provides you with enough warmth on cold winter days. On 8 December, a small bottle of sparkling Schlumberger sparkling wine is included in your exclusive Advent calendar. Perfect for the holiday!



Week two: Chic jewelry pieces that will make your Christmas outfit sparkle

In our calendar this week, there are two sustainably and fairly produced jewelry pieces, which have been designed especially for the MASCHALINA Jewelry and Beauty Advent Calendar. You can look forward to a gray glittering nylon bracelet. The classy bracelet can be perfectly combined with any outfit, as well as with many other pieces of jewelry, thanks to its simple, stylish design. Like many of our MASCHALINA BRACELETS this Advent Calendar jewelry piece is adjustable in its size, so that it can easily be adjusted to fit any wrist. Hidden behind the twelfth door is an elegant, elastic stretch ring made of shimmering white and purple freshwater pearls. The small gold Rocailles pearls complete this trendy jewelry piece. This makes it an ideal addition to our MASCHALINA RING COLLECTION.

Week two: High quality beauty and snack products for your well being

On day 10, you can look forward to a premium lifting mask from the brand Ojesh. A natural care product that is perfect for treating yourself after a stressful day at work. With the Got2B Babyhair brush from our exclusive advent calendar, you are saying "goodbye babyhair" and "hello perfectly styled hair". The Alessandro nail polish from the 15th package will make your nails glow in a beautiful pink color. With the Waterdrop microdrinks you can relax in the evening during the stressful Advent season. The cubes in the flavor elderflower, lime blossom and raspberry sweeten your Christmas drinks. Use your new, reusable Waterdrop stainless steel straws to enjoy this drink to the fullest. Lean back on the couch with this delicious drink and look forward to a wonderful Christmas!



Week three: shimmering Christmas jewelry

You will find an incredibly beautiful Christmas bracelet behind the package with the number 16. The violet gemstone is the highlight of the bracelet. Next to it, high-quality golden and gray natural materials are sparkling on your wrist. Behind one of the Advent calendar doors, there are once again individually designed earstuds. These exclusive Christmas earstuds are in the signature MASCHALINA style of the LITTLE ROSÉ SILVER EAR STUDS. Dark and copper colored natural materials make these little earstuds the perfect Christmas accessories. Shortly before Christmas, you can once again be excited about a gray gemstone bracelet. The last piece of jewelry, and at the same time the absolute highlight of our jewelry and beauty advent calendar, are golden Christmas earrings! The earrings are in the same style as our trendy MASCHALINA DROPS EAR RINGS. These hand-sewn jewelry pieces are made of high-quality golden and white sparkling natural materials. These glittery advent calendar earrings are the perfect Christmas jewelry for Christmas Eve.

Week three: Quality beauty products for the last week of advent

If you want to eat something other than Christmas cookies during Advent, the delicious pistachios from Lorenz are the ideal snack for in between. Our beauty calendar also includes reusable eye pads and high-quality beauty capsules from Augenstern. The Austrian cosmetic brands Ohgia and Wiener Seife are part of our jewelry and beauty advent calendar with nourishing natural products.High-quality serum and handmade soap upgrade your winter beauty routine. The final care products are a creamy lip balm and a serum from the natural cosmetics brand Nature.


As you can see, the 24 beauty and jewelry surprises of our exclusive MASCHALINA advent calendar were an absolute dream. Our first exclusive advent calendar was a complete success and just the right thing for all jewelry and beauty lovers! At least by now you should definitely have one of our exclusive advent calendars on your advent wish list for next year.

written by Ina Lamadé and Lara Sommerauer