Discover the new, exclusive MASCHALINA CHAKRA COLLECTION and let the magnificent energy of the gemstones work on you! Highest quality, elegant phone accessories made out of natural gemstone pearls can now complete your outfit and also positively influence your chakra.

With each style more colorful than the other, our modern phone chains are not only incredibly useful, but also at least as fashionable. Around 200 cut, beautiful gemstones in matching, summery shades such as purple, turquoise, red, white, beige and pink are carefully handcrafted into your long-lasting mobile phone jewelry. The exclusive quality of the natural materials guarantees that your phone chain will last for a long time and become a faithful everyday companion. Due to the careful arrangement of the high-quality pearls, your mobile phone accessory is comfortable to wear. The processed, natural gemstones adapt to your body temperature after only a short time and have a relaxing effect. Fashionable accessories for your cell phone, which are not only practical, but also provide you with balance and harmonious energy.

The bright turquoise shades of the sparkling TURQUOISE GEMSTONE CHAIN cell phone chain will make your outfit and you shine twice. The sunny yellow of the shimmering SUNNY NUDE GEMSTONE CHAIN phone chain also immediately puts you in a positive mood. With the romantic violet shades of the LILAC PINK GEMSTONE CHAIN and a modern color combination of the BLUSH LEO GEMSTONE CHAIN, our exclusive CHAKRA COLLECTION offers the perfect phone chain for every taste. The shining gemstones of our MASCHALINA phone jewelry remind of good mood, pure harmony and sunny balance through and through suitable for the beginning of spring.

Matching the natural, handmade phone chains, there are color-coordinated silicone cell phone cases including a card holder on the back, to choose from in our jewelry online store. Whether cell phone accessories in a classic tone-in-tone combination, or a coherent, creative color mix of gemstone pearls phone chains and silicone cell phone cases. There are no limits to your creativity when combining our practical cell phone jewelry!

The sparkling cell phone chains, handmade from the highest quality gemstone beads, the new CHAKRA COLLECTION is a real eye-catcher! A tip for all chakra fans: For a meditative time-out, you can hang the two ends of your cell phone chain into each other to escape the stressful everyday life for a moment. Ommm.

written by Lara Sommerauer