4 Must-Have Ohrringe für den Valentinstag

4 Must-Have Earrings for Valentine's Day

Oh lá lá! Valentine's Day is just around the corner. You have the right outfit, romantic plans but still no earrings to make your dream look perfect? No problem at all! Because here at MASCHALINA you will find what you are looking for. We present you our 4 MUST-HAVE earrings for Valentine's Day in the colors red and pink.

Red Valentine's Day earrings to enchant

As we all know, the color red is the color of love and stands for passion and sensuality. Exactly according to this motto, we have chosen the BELLA VENEZIA and SPANISH ORNAMENT earrings as seductive companions for your Valentine's Day date.

The BELLA VENEZIA EARRINGS are definitely a MUST-HAVE for you, if you prefer a classic, sensual look. They not only make you look charming, but also radiate a pleasant warmth. On top of that, you are an absolute eye-catcher. But not only that, the BELLA VENEZIA EARRINGS are also suitable for everyday wear. After your date, they can be perfectly combined with your Everyday Looks. The unique bright red color will enchant you and everyone around you!

red earrings for valentine's day

Eye-catching, big earrings are just your thing? Then the SPANISH ORNAMENT EARRINGS are just right for you. These unique, gorgeous earrings will give you an unforgettable look. The beautiful dark red reminds you of a sunset on the Spanish coast and makes you dream of your next summer vacation. The WOW effect is guaranteed!

red statement earrings for valentine's day

Pink earrings for your Valentine's day date

Pink is romantic and the color of unconditional love. That's why jewelry in pink can't be missing on Valentine's Day, of course. So, what better way than to wear unique pink earrings on Valentine's Day? This is guaranteed to make you fall in love - possibly not only with our jewelry! The ROSÉ SUNDOWNER and SHADES OF MONACO earrings are perfect for Valentine's Day with their seductive, feminine design. They will make you shine!

You love to wear a classy, summery look and don't want to miss it on Valentine's Day? Then the ROSÉ SUNDOWNER EAR RINGS are just perfect for you. The romantic pink color, reminiscent of a sunrise in the Caribbean, will give your outfit that certain something. The pearls will beautifully highlight your complexion and give you a unique look.

light pink statement earrings for valentine's day

Exquisite earrings are a must for your Valentine's day outfit. That's why we recommend you the SHADES OF MONACO EARRINGS. The extraordinary design will give you an incomparable look for Valentine's Day. The feminine pink design, reminiscent of the coast of Monaco, will add a romantic touch to your outfit.

light pink statement earrings with pearls for valentine's day

On our site MASCHALINA, under "Events", you will find "Valentine's Day". Here you can find even more jewellery for a romantic day. We not only have high-quality statement earrings but also rings, necklaces and much more. Simply everything a romantic, stylish heart desires. Under the "Colors" filter you can find not only red and pink earrings but also blue, green and many more.

Have fun shopping!

written by Katja Waditschatka