Handgemachte MASCHALINA Ohrringe bei BELLAS in Salzburg kaufen

Buy Handmade MASCHALINA Earrings at BELLAS in Salzburg

The elegant shoe label BELLAS is opening a new shop at Getreidegasse 47 in Salzburg on 1 August 2022. In the Salzburg shoe shop, you will also be able to buy the handmade statement earrings by MASCHALINA. For every Italian pair of BELLAS shoes, there are matching handmade women's earrings in different colours to discover - so you can easily shop for dream outfit combinations in Salzburg.

The handmade BELLAS shoes and MASCHALINA earrings are now also available in Salzburg.

The jewellery by MASCHALINA, which is fairly produced in Austria, and the shoes by BELLAS, which are made in Italy, share the same philosophy. Both brands focus on the highest quality and regional production. That's why both the colourful MASCHALINA statement earrings and the colourful BELLAS shoes are carefully handcrafted. BELLAS offers a wide variety of shoe designs - handmade tasseled loafers, high-quality mules, colourful ballerinas, fashionable sneakers and trendy chelsea boots are all part of the range. BELLAS' mission is to combine elegance with a high level of comfort. A philosophy that is also pursued by the sustainable jewellery label MASCHALINA. The feather-light earrings from Salzburg are therefore a perfect match for the comfortable Bellas shoes. Whether ballerinas with a colourful tassel combined with turquoise earrings or tassel loafers with handmade statement gold earrings - in the new BELLAS store you are sure to find your new dream combination of MASCHALINA earrings and BELLAS shoes.

Shoes and jewellery made from the highest quality materials

Both BELLAS and MASCHALINA use only quality materials for their exceptionally elegant designs. The smooth leather from Italy makes you fall in love with the shoes as soon as you shop and wear them for the first time. Whether trendy leopard ballerinas, fashionable pink tassel loafers or classic colours - BELLAS has a pair to suit everyone. The fine material guarantees the highest level of comfort. MASCHALINA also relies on the use of the finest materials. High-quality freshwater pearl earrings, colourful ear jewellery with precious stones such as rose quartz or amethyst, genuine silver 925 studs and white pearl earrings - all these quality materials are carefully crafted into MASCHALINA earrings. The quality guarantees that the jewellery will stay with you for a long time. Thus, the elegant BELLAS shoes and the luxurious fashion earrings by MASCHALINA are made for eternity. Many reasons to visit the new BELLAS shop in Salzburg.

Examples of fashionable jewellery

Examples of fashionable jewellery

written by Tatjana Borodin