Die Schmuck Herbsttrends 2022 - perfekt gestylt mit MASCHALINA

The jewelry fall trends 2022 - perfectly styled with MASCHALINA

The jewelry fall trends 2022 - perfectly styled with MASCHALINA Attention fashion lovers: Exciting autumn and winter months are ahead of you. It's the time of the hottest fashion shows and most exciting fashion collections. The fashion trends 2022 go far beyond the right clothes, because the right jewelry is indispensable in a complete outfit. With sustainable MASCHALINA jewelry, you'll be as fashionably prepared as possible for the coming months and can add the finishing touches to your fall looks. We have analyzed the fall jewelry trends and trend colors 2022 and show you in this blog post how to properly combine your unique MASCHALINA jewelry pieces to give each of your outfits that certain something. 

A golden autumn - your golden MASCHALINA jewelry look

Autumn is the golden season. Noble shades of yellow gold and red run through the colorful, autumnal landscapes. Shining gold like the autumn this year is also your trendy designer jewelry. One of the most popular jewelry trends for fall 2022 is gold-colored jewelry. With classic gold jewelry, you can add that autumnal elegance to your outfits and be right on trend. The filigree ANJUNA GOLD NECKLACE with its shimmering gold is your enchanting companion for every day and exactly the right accessory for this autumnal jewelry trend. Combine it with the matching ANJUNA GOLD RING. This dainty, sustainable gold ring is proof that even small pieces of jewelry can sparkle big. The DROPS OF GOLD EARRINGS will be the absolute eye-catcher of your gold jewelry combination. The hand-sewn, drop-shaped Statement earrings can be perfectly combined both in everyday life and with a chic evening look. Finally, the fashionable SALINS EARCUFF rounds off your look. Et voila - your perfect MASCHALINA golden fall jewelry look is ready. Classic and modern at the same time.

The "Dopamine Decorate" trend: Colorful natural stones and extravagant statement earrings

Combining jewelry should be fun! "Dopamin Decorate" means wearing jewelry that makes you happy. Especially on a dreary fall day, you can improve your mood with colorful accessories. When it comes to this year's fall jewelry trends, what counts is: The more extravagant, the better! A bright orange and an eye-catching pink are the most popular fall trend colors in 2022, and the FLOWERS OF MONACO STATEMENT EARRINGS combine a bold pink with a soft yet sophisticated shade of purple. These feather-light statement earrings are the perfect, trendy addition to your simple fall look.The fall trend color orange can be found in our extravagant ORNAMENT OF BIRKINEARRINGS. Eye-catching orange Rocailles beads combined with precious silver natural materials make the perfect fall trend jewelry piece for your dopamine outfit. 

Ring Stacking - more is more!

Another jewelry trend for fall 2022 is ring stacking.You combine as many different rings as possible with each other. Different materials and shapes are welcome. Be innovative and let your creativity run free when combining. Fortunately, MASCHALINA's extensive ring assortment is perfect for this fall trend. For your fall outfits, we recommend the stylish TURTLE PARADISE RING, as well as the sparkling GREY GEMSTONE RING. These two sustainable grey stretch rings are made of natural gemstones and high-quality pearls. Complete your autumnal ring combo with the shimmering golden-purple PURPLE RING OF AUTUMN to elevate your look with a bold hue. 

Long live your sustainable designer jewelry 

In 2022 sustainability is no longer a foreign word -for MASCHALINA it never was! The fact that sustainability and naturalness are some of the most important fall jewelry trends in 2022 is very convenient for us as an established slow fashion brand. Creating long-lasting jewelry has been part of our company philosophy since day one. We use high quality natural materials, which are sewn into your favorite earrings through the finest handwork. All this is done in local production in social Viennese workshops.Sustainable designer earrings in deep dark blue or rich green tones are absolute fall trend classics. The precious SUPERNOVA BLUE STATEMENT EARRINGS are light as a feather to wear and with their graceful, mystical blue perfectly match any look. The handcrafted GREEN MYSTERY EARRINGS enhance any fall outfit with their sophisticated play of color. Bright green blends with a playful pink. These flower-shaped green earrings are the perfect size to mix and match for everyday wear, and their lovely shape makes them eye-catching. Your sustainable MASCHALINA fall jewelry is guaranteed to add that special something to all your outfits! 

Whether with a casual turtleneck sweater or a playful knit dress. These unique and at the same time fair earrings make all your fall looks complete. Your high-quality MASCHALINA fall jewelry is therefore not only perfect for being right on trend in the fall of 2022, but will also give you pleasure for many years to come. Because of their precious natural materials, the exclusive jewelry pieces are durable, timeless and simply always on trend! 

For more inspiration for autumnal MASCHALINA jewelry, check out our MASCHALINA Pinterest page: MASCHALINA Fall Essentials. Have fun browsing!

written by Lara Sommerauer