DIY - Die schönsten Gift Wrapping Ideen für Deinen Schmuck

DIY - The most beautiful gift wrapping ideas for your jewellery

The celebration of love is once again just around the corner! You have decided to make your girlfriend, mother or mother-in-law happy with a gift, such as a beautiful piece of jewellery? Then all you need now is the right packaging, because as we know, first impressions count. With a loving and individual gift wrapping you can show your loved ones how important they are to you and the joy of the gift will be even greater!


When it has to be quick! For our first tip to you, all you need are small fir branches from the forest, the nearest park or your local flower shop. Simply wrap the twig around the gift with a ribbon of your choice. As unspectacular as this tip may sound, it is especially suitable for last-minute gifts and embellishes every gift in no time at all!

Your gift will be especially unique if you attach the twig to the gift so that it looks like a small Christmas tree. To make the branch look especially beautiful, you can decorate it with little stars, beads and much more, just as you like.


Wondering how to wrap a gift in a sustainable way? We can help you! Have you ordered from MASCHALINA? Then you can easily reuse our pink wrapping paper and make something wonderful out of it, all in the spirit of sustainability! Of course, this works just as well with any other coloured paper from your household.

  1. All you need is a rectangular paper of your choice, which you fold like an accordion.
  2. When you have finished folding the paper, you can simply cut off the corners according to your personal taste.
  3. Now you can choose a string of your choice and tie it around the middle of the folded paper. This will allow you to easily attach the star to gifts or a Christmas tree later on.
  4. Almost done! Now staple or glue the two long sides of the folded paper together as shown in the photo below.

Et voilà! Your Christmas star is ready! If you want, you can decorate the star with individual touches at the end. Either way, it will make your gift a real eye-catcher. The special thing about this hack is that you can make the star in any size and then use it as a wonderful decoration for your Christmas tree.


How can I make the gift even more individual? So that your loved ones know which presents under the Christmas tree are for them, you can decorate them with the first letters of their names.

  1. Simply sketch out the letter on a thicker paper or cardboard. For the sake of the environment, we suggest that you simply use a cardboard box with which the gift was delivered, for example, or a cardboard box that would otherwise have ended up in the rubbish.
  2. Then draw the letter(s) on the cardboard and cut them out. If the cardboard is thicker, you can also carefully use a carpet knife.
  3. Finally, you can decorate the letter according to your own taste.

We like washi tape, glitter and so on very much for this. You can find inspiration in the photo below. Have fun trying it out!

written by Sarah Weindl