Schmuck von Germany’s Next Topmodel: Die trendigen MASCHALINA Ohrringe der GNTM-Models

Germany's Next Topmodel jewellery: The trendiest MASCHALINA earrings and jewellery of the GNTM models

Attention, fashion fans: This week marks the grand finale of the TV show Germany's Next Topmodel! Did you know that many of the former GNTM contestants are big fans of our MASCHALINA designer jewelry? In this blog article, we will introduce you to the models and their favorite MASCHALINA jewellery pieces. From glamorous statement earrings to unique ear hangers. Get inspired and discover the beauty and diversity of the Germany's Next Topmodel jewellery pieces loved and worn by the GNTM contestants.

Kim Hnizdo loves the classic MASCHALINA statement earrings

Former Germany's Next Topmodel contestant Kim Hnizdo became the winner of the German casting show in 2016 and continued to work as a successful model to this day. With her modern short haircut, she looks great with large designer earrings. The upcoming model chooses one of MASCHALINA's most popular statement earring designs. The classic VENEZIA BY NIGHT EARRINGS are sparkling, opulent earrings carefully hand-sewn from silver and gray natural materials. The durable Swarovski glass crystals, natural pearls, and semi-precious stones are meticulously crafted in an intricate earring design at social Viennese workshops. Browse through our jewellery online shop and discover the exquisite VENEZIA STATEMENT EARRINGS in different color tones to become a fashion standout with your trendy fashion earrings, just like the Germany's Next Topmodel contestants.

GNTM winner Kim Hnizdo wearing silver sparkling Maschalina statement earrings

Sustainability influencer Marie Nasemann wears green MASCHALINA earrings

Marie Nasemann is now one of the most well-known sustainability influencers on Instagram. But her career also started in the 2009 season of Germany's Next Topmodel. Today, she works independently in the freelance media industry and advocates for topics such as sustainability and a conscious lifestyle. Therefore, our durable jewellery pieces are just right for the former GNTM model. The BEFORE SUNRAY EARRINGS shine brightly with their unique statement design, complementing the rest of your GNTM jewellery pieces. The green, high-quality natural pearls ensure that your trendy GNTM earrings will last for a long time, in line with sustainability. At MASCHALINA, we aim to create jewellery pieces that will stay with you for many years. With your high-quality model earrings from the Germany's Next Topmodel participant, you will not only look stylish but also make an important statement for slow fashion in the fast-paced fashion world. Choose your sustainable favorite influencer jewellery from GNTM and turn heads wherever you go.

Sustainability Influencer Marie Nasemann wearing green handmade statement earrings as GNTM jewellery

Barbara Meier makes a sparkling statement

Another former GNTM winner from 2007, who has since built an impressive career, is German model Barbara Meier. Today, she has made a name for herself as an actress and model. The redhead beauty is a big fan of MASCHALINA and has worn our unique earrings multiple times. She particularly loves the opulent MORE THAN FLORA STATEMENT EARRINGS. The trendy jewellery of the GNTM contestant makes a clear statement. Sparkling natural materials shine elegantly. Even the colorful MASCHALINA statement earrings look incredibly good with her fiery red hair! The exclusive earrings of the GNTM winner complement any look. If you want to create an elegant matching look in the same style, browse through our handcrafted dangling earrings in vibrant colors and create your own GNTM-inspired jewellery look in the style of Barbara Meier.

GNTM winner Barbara Meier wearing purple statement jewellery

Romantic fashion earrings from GNTM winner Luisa Hartema

Luisa Hartema, winner of the 12th season of Germany's Next Topmodel, wears beautiful and playful statement earrings made of white natural materials. Do you want to wear opulent celebrity earrings in a similar design? High-quality, sparkling natural materials such as rose quartz, Swarovski pearls, rocaille beads, and cut Swarovski glass crystals are meticulously hand-sewn into the lightweight MALIBU SKY STATEMENT STATEMENT EARRINGS in a similar design. The careful production ensures that your earrings in the GNTM style are comfortable to wear and will last a long time. The playful shape of the pink earrings creates an eye-catching effect and makes every outfit shine.

Germany's Next Topmodel winner Luisa Hartema wearing white statement Maschalina earrings

Bring the GNTM look to life and wear the same exquisite earrings as your favorite Germany's Next Topmodel contestants. With our handcrafted MASCHALINA jewellery, you have the opportunity to feel like a true fashion icon. What are you waiting for? Find your very own GNTM jewellery pieces in our jewellery online shop and take your own style to the next level.


written by Lara Sommerauer