Glücksbringer Schmuck, passend zu Deinem Sternzeichen: die Feuerzeichen Edition

What jewellery to wear according to your zodiac sign: the fire signs

Your zodiac sign is Aries (March 21 - April 20), Leo (July 23 - August 23), or Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21) and you want to know which are your lucky gemstones? Then you are in the right place. Each sign of the zodiac has gemstones assigned to it, which have the power to enhance the good qualities of the sign, and to diminish bad ones. Birthstones are the stones that reinforce good character traits. Balancing stones are the stones that balance bad traits. In this blog we tell you which gemstones suit your sun sign and why. On top of that, we suggest MASCHALINA jewelry pieces that will bring you luck based on your zodiac sign. Here we go!

Which gemstones suit the Aries zodiac sign?

You celebrate your birthday between March 21 and April 20. Then you are clearly an Aries. Probably the most determined of all zodiac signs, Aries is fierce, courageous, idealistic, and strong-willed. There is little that keeps Aries-born people from their goals. This can also lead to negative traits, such as impulsiveness, impatience, ruthlessness, and selfishness. The spirited nature and fiery character of Aries can be very exciting and inspiring to others. They are solution-oriented and skillfully avoid the complicated. Success rarely takes time.

Fire Agate corresponds to the strong will of Aries and is consequently their birthstone. Since Aries is full of power and energy, fire agate gives the ability to use it properly. Experiences can be processed more effectively, allowing the Aries to act more thoughtfully. The SPANISH FAITH STATEMENT EARRINGS definitely reflect the strength of the Aries. The FLOWERS OF MONACO EARRINGS also make perfect good luck jewelry for people born in Aries.

Rose quartz is Aries' balancing stone. Since the Aries tends to be selfish due to his drive, the Rose Quartz can help him to act more emphatically. It enables greater empathy and sensitivity. The ROSEQUARTZ GREY ARMBAND could be your new horoscope bracelet.

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Which gemstones suit the Leo zodiac sign?

Born between July 23 and August 23, Leo are particularly extroverted, fiery, generous, and energetic personalities. They love to be the center of attention, are often generous, powerful, competitive, risk-takers, dominant, and fearless. This passionate nature can also make them very warm and devoted. Lions usually handle criticism poorly, they can also be somewhat domineering, and because of their strong personality, come across as arrogant. At the same time, they shower their loved ones with generosity and optimism.

Citrine is the birthstone of those born under the zodiac sign of Leo. Leo people are born with great self-confidence. As soon as they are confronted with criticism, they suffer greatly. Citrine helps the lions to deal with criticism better. They do not take it too personally, and have a balanced level of self-confidence. The MASCHALINA LIGHT RING OF AUTUMN is definitely the perfect jewelry for all the Leos.

Smoky quartz acts as a balancing stone. It promotes greater cooperation, respect and humility in Leo born people. The VENEZIA BY NIGHT EARRINGS or the SMOKY QUARTZ GREY ARMBAND help the Leo to be more tactful towards those around them, and to step back at the right moments.

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Which gemstones suit the Sagittarius zodiac sign?

All those born between November 23 and December 21 are Sagittarius in the zodiac sign. Their character is marked by extreme drive for activity, extroversion, curiosity, intuition, idealism and love of freedom. Sagittarius born are often considered intelligent, are very dynamic, cheerful, and adventurous. They love open communication, sincerity, and dislike nagging. Their extroverted nature, as well as their honesty and idealism, can sometimes be perceived as tactless. Likewise, they can sometimes be somewhat volatile and erratic. For common philosophizing and inspiring conversations, Sagittarians are always suitable.

Sagittarius' birthstone is blue agate. Since Sagittarians are very strong in idealism, they can sometimes be somewhat closed to other perspectives. The blue agate supports them to use their idealism and preference for philosophies more collaboratively. It can also add a little more reflection to the intuitive nature of Sagittarians. The ESTELLE LAGOON EARRINGS or the BLUE GLOOM STATEMENT EARRINGS adorn all Sagittarians, matching their zodiac sign.

Labradorite is balancing stone for all those born in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. This stone empowers Sagittarians with pragmatism and keeps them grounded. Because every now and then, Sagittarians can lose sight of the bottom of the facts because of their idealism. The VELVET NIGHT BRACELET or the SHADES OF CANNES EARRINGS compensate for this tendency of Sagittarians.

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written by Tatjana Borodin