Glücksbringer Schmuck, passend zu Deinem Sternzeichen: die Luftzeichen Edition

What jewellery to wear according to your zodiac sign: the air signs

Are you a Gemini (21 May - 21 July), Libra (24 September - 23 October) or Aquarius (21 February - 19 February) and would like to know which gemstones are your lucky charms? Then you've come to the right place. Each sign of the zodiac has gemstones assigned to it, which have the power to strengthen the good qualities of the sign and to diminish the bad ones. Birthstones are the stones that strengthen good character traits. Balancing stones are the stones that compensate for bad traits. In this blog we tell you which gemstones suit your Sun sign and why. On top of that, we suggest MASCHALINA jewellery pieces that will bring you luck based on your zodiac sign. Here we go!

Which gemstones suit the sign of Gemini?

Were you born between 21 May and 21 July? Then you are a Gemini. Gemini are considered to be outgoing, sociable, friendly, open, charming and inquisitive. They have a quick mind, which is why they are often very good speakers and popular with others. Likewise, most Geminis are very active, adaptive and flexible people. Sometimes this can lead to absent-mindedness and unreliability. Since they are often intelligent and usually learn very quickly, they can tend to be impatient as soon as something takes longer. Stress attacks are a common effect of Gemini's drive and fast pace.

The birthstone of the Gemini is the pyrite. It helps them to be more committed, which enables them to conceal their tendency to be unreliable. At the same time, the pyrite underlines the Gemini's ability to learn and their swift mind. The BELLA VENEZIA STATEMENT EARRINGS or the LITTLE VENEZIA EARRINGS contain pyrite - perfect for all Geminis.

Aquamarine has a balancing effect for all Geminis. It can help them to concentrate since sometimes their impatience leads to absent-mindedness. The GLITTERY AQUAMARINE BRACELET is also a perfect piece of horoscope jewellery for all Gemini.

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Which gemstones suit the Libra star sign?

All those born between 24 September and 23 October are Libra-born. Libra strive for justice and harmony. They are always optimistic, understanding, respectful, intelligent and polite. In addition, Libra born people often have a strong sense of aesthetics. Because they always see more than one perspective, they have difficulty making decisions. Their penchant for beauty can make them seem vain or arrogant. They also tend to avoid conflict.

Jade is the birthstone of Libra. It underlines their great sense of justice. Through its harmonious power, it strengthens Libra's ability to create harmony and peace. It can also help Libra to make themselves feel less small. The MASCHALINA LIGHTBLUE LAGOON EARRINGS as well as the SUPERNOVA BLUE STATEMENT EARRINGS are the perfect jewellery for all Libra-born people.

The garnet can act as a balancing stone for the Libra. It strengthens the willpower and the fighting spirit of the Libra. Through its power, all Libra-born people can make better decisions and are less torn. The GLITTERY GRANAT BRACELET can therefore give Libra more power of decision.

Which gemstones suit the Aquarius star sign?

Your birthday is between 21 January and 19 February? Then you are definitely Aquarius in the star sign. Aquarians are the rebels and free spirits among the zodiac signs. They are considered freedom-loving visionaries, progressive thinkers, inventive, independent, eccentric and very sociable. They are often very original personalities and stand out in the crowd. Sometimes Aquarius-born people can be considered aloof or impatient. They have very stormy tempers and are therefore sometimes difficult to grasp. Their creativity is inspiring to many. However, its ideas can also seem somewhat utopian.

Labradorite as the birthstone of Aquarians positively reinforces their visions and ideas. Since these can sometimes take on somewhat bottomless dimensions, the labradorite helps to make it recognisable which visions are realistic. This enables Aquarians to put their ideas into practice. The SHADES OF CANNES EARRINGS or the ORNAMENT OF KELLY EARRINGS contain a labradorite.

Carnelian promotes calm and stability. It is the balancing stone of the Aquarius. Since people born in Aquarius often act very impulsively and spontaneously, carnelian can help them to think through decisions more carefully. The SIENNA LAGOON EARRINGS can give all Aquarians the necessary patience and calm that they sometimes lack.

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written by Tatjana Borodin