Hochzeitsschmuck Trends für Brautjungfern

Wedding Jewellery Trends for Bridesmaids

https://maschalina.com/en/coll...You are invited to a wedding, but you are still missing the right accessories for your outfit? No problem! With the new MASCHALINA "YES I DO" wedding collection we have thought of everyone. Finding the right jewelry is not always easy. That's why we have designed a collection which is not only ideal for brides but also for everyone attending the wedding. Whether you are a bridesmaid or a wedding guest, you can expect heavenly designs that will complete your wedding look. What different styles we have created for you this time and how you can best combine them,you can read about in this blog article.

Statement jewelry as an eye catcher

Eye-catching statement earrings are absolutely trendy right now and can't be missing at weddings. Because as a wedding guest you want and are allowed to make a statement for this special occasion. The most opulent designs of the "YES I DO" wedding collection are guaranteed our FLOWER LACE STATEMENT EARRINGS. Their delicate shades of cream and pink will add a refreshing touch to your wedding look. The second statement pair in the collection, perfect for you as a guest or bridesmaid, are the ROSE BOUQUET EARRINGS. The imposing earrings are lovely, modern yet classy. A gorgeous play of colors from shimmering materials complete your look. Our statement earrings provide with the right amount of extravagance and glamour guaranteed for a WOW effect.

Examples of fashionable jewellery

Small but mighty - delicate earrings to match your outfit

To make a statement, your jewelry doesn't have to be extravagant. In our "YES I DO" wedding collection, we have proven with an equally gorgeous selection of filigree designs that even small earrings can cause a big stir! And that in a purely positive sense. So if you prefer to combine filigree earrings with your bridesmaid dress, try the ROSE VEIL EARRINGS  or the GOLDEN VEIL EARRINGS from the new collection. Small does not automatically mean unimpressed. Quite the opposite! The graceful "Veil" earrings will flatter any bridesmaid. Shimmering freshwater pearls and beautiful Mother of Pearl make these earrings in lovely pink or gold tone a dreamy addition to your bridesmaid look.

The classic

Statement accessories are too extravagant for you and filigree earrings not enough? As a perfect middle we have for you the ITALIAN HONEYMOON EARRINGS. The beautiful play of colors of the high-quality materials is flattering for every woman. The classy design of the earrings  make the perfect classic companion to your wedding look. Earrings can be a beautiful statement, but they are also not a must! You would rather wear noble necklace for the special occasion? The ROSE CHAPEL NECKLACE can be perfectly combined with your bridesmaid dress due to its pink colored details. The beautiful necklace will decorate your look as an elegant and at the same time classy accessory.

Examples of fashionable jewellery

The link between bride and bridesmaids

As a bridesmaid you are connected with the bride in a very special way. You offer her support and encouragement for her special day and many years to come. How about an enchanting bracelet combination to symbolize this intimacy between you? Our velvety VELVET BRACELETS come in shades of cream, white and pink. A bonding piece of jewelry that will continue to remind you of the beautiful moments of this special day and symbolize your loving bond.

Examples of fashionable jewellery