Salzburger Ohrringe für die Salzburger Festspiele

Earrings from Salzburg for the famous Salzburg Festival

From 18 July to 31 August, the world-renowned classical music festival, the Salzburg Festival, will take place.Consequently, the famous Salzburg Festival is already in full swing - from the traditional Jedermann, to modern operas and classical concerts. Naturally, there are many special, fashionable and elegant outfits to be spotted on Salzburg's streets. As a jewellery company that was founded in Salzburg, the city of music, one or the other lady will of course wear her handmade MASCHALINA earrings to the festival. In this blog post, we prepare a little styling guide for you, so that you too can combine the original Salzburg earrings perfectly with your evening attire. Let's go'! 

Salzburg Statement Earrings to wear with an elegant evening gown at the SalzburgFestival

Almost ten years ago, the original hand-sewn MASCHALINA earrings were designed in Salzburg. Since then, every year many women love to wear the stunning statement earrings with their festival outfits. The large, Maschalina opulent earrings, which are hand-sewn with precious stones and the highest quality natural materials in Viennese manufactories, are particularly popular. The special thing about the large earrings is that they are not only an absolute eye-catcher, but also light as a feather and extremely comfortable to wear. The light weight makes it possible to wear the earrings for hours without the ear holes hurting afterwards. Moreover, the large ear jewellery is available in every colour - from Maschalina bright gold earrings , Maschalina turquoise earrings , Maschalina red earrings, Maschalina black earrings to Maschalina white pearls earrings. There is a perfectly matching MASCHALINA statement earring for every evening gown. Stars like moderator Kathi Wörndl or Silvia Schneider have already fallen in love with the opulent earrings in combination with their festival dresses. Why don't you do the same? 

MASCHALINA Earrings and a Dirndl at the Jedermann 

It is a fact that the MASCHALINA earrings, which are well-known in Salzburg, have become established as traditional costume jewellery. This is exactly why the handmade traditional Salzburg earrings are so often worn with a Dirndl to the Jedermann. The typical MASCHALINA Maschalina dropearrings are particularly popular.The drop earring design is available in many different colours. The Maschalina ornament earrings line is also very popular to the Dirndl. The same applies here - there is a matching earring model for every dirndl colour. 

Fashionable necklaces also complement the festival dress particularly well

You prefer necklaces to earrings? No problem. The new St. Barths and Mykonos summer collection has significantly expanded the MASCHALINA necklace range. From Maschalina colourful gemstone necklaces for the modern staged opera, Maschalina classic pearl necklaces for the classic Salzburg Festival concert, to Maschalina freshwater pearl necklaces - with all the high quality Salzburg necklaces you can add an extra touch to your festival outfit. And the fact that MASCHALINA jewellery is all carefully hand-sewn under fair working conditions in Viennese social workshops makes it all the more popular to wear them elegantly to the annual Salzburg Festival. 

The handmade Salzburg earrings are now available at Getreidegasse. 

Would you like to try on the perfect MASCHALINA earrings for your festival outfit before you buy them? That's no problem either. Since the beginning of August, you can find a huge selection of MASCHALINA earrings in Salzburg's most famous shopping street, the Getreidegasse. In the newly opened BELLAS shoe shop at Getreidegasse 47, 5020 Salzburg, you can try on your dream pair of earrings to make sure that the colour matches your evening dress and that you attract all the attention at the next festival concert. 

Examples of fashionable jewellery

Examples of fashionable jewellery

written by Tatjana Borodin