Unique Christmas Gift Guide - Welcher Schmuck passt zu welchem Farbtypen?

Unique christmas GIFT GUIDE - Which jewellery goes with which colour type?

The festival of love is approaching! This year, we would again like to make our loved ones happy for Christmas and show them how much they mean to us. Jewellery looks particularly special under the Christmas tree! However, with so much to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right jewellery. Don't worry, we'll help you find them! In this Gift Guide we will show you how to find the right jewellery for your favourite people based on the 4 colour types.


How do you recognise the spring type? This particular type is rather rare. Does the person have a fairly light, delicate skin tone? And does his/her hair have a light, warm tone, such as golden blond, reddish blond, copper or brown with a golden tinge? Then light to medium shades such as vanilla, sunflower yellow, cream, beige, light browns, salmon, apricot, coral, turquoise and petrol will flatter her/him.

SHADES OF MONACO EARRINGS: With these delicate MASCHALINA earrings you can dress up your loved ones for the festive season!

TURQUOISE PEARL LAGOON: The person you're giving a gift to likes it a little more colourful, but at least as elegant? With these refined earrings you're on the right track!


What defines the autumn type? This type is mainly distinguished by a warm skin tone with a yellowish undertone. The hair colour of the autumn type is usually more of a dark brown tone, but also light brown or honey blonde tones. Does this apply? Then warm earth tones, inspired by nature, look particularly good on you! These include rust red, olive green, khaki and many more.

FLOWERS OF URANUS STATEMENT EARRINGS: A statement earring in earthy green tones flatters the autumn type wonderfully!

GREY GOLD CONE EARSTUDS: These delicate but elegant earrings are perfect for the autumn type and are also ideal for those on a budget!


Also known as the delicate type! How can you recognise the summer type? This type can be recognised above all by its light hair colour, which has a greyish, silver shimmer, such as platinum or ash blonde hair. But also by a cooler skin tone with a bluish undertone. With these types, you will be best suited with light, cool colours such as ice blue, mint green, pink, light blue, navy blue and white.

GLAMOROUS SOPHIA STATEMENT EARRINGS: For the perfect wow moment under the Christmas tree! With these eye-catchers you are perfectly equipped for the festive season and New Year's Eve!

SWEET ICICLE EARRINGS: Inspired by the wintry glow of ice. With the SWEET ICICLE EARRINGS you'll be right on trend this Christmas.


À la Snow White! What are the characteristics of the winter type? You can recognise this type by its cool and usually light skin tone and also by its cool, dark hair colour, such as ash brown or blackish brown. Colours that look fabulous on the winter type include icy colours like sapphire blue, purple, white, emerald green, black or ruby red.

FLOWERS OF NEPTUNE STATEMENT EARRINGS: Inspired by the planet Neptune, which appropriately stands for charity during the festival of love, you'll make your loved ones shine with these earrings!

NYOTA LAGOON EARRINGS: Simple elegance! This noble colour combination flatters the winter type particularly well.

written by Sarah Weindl