Love is in the air! Valentine's Day - the holiday of all lovers and lovebirds. Some love it, others hate it. We think, whether in a relationship or as a happy single, this day is ideal to do something good with or without a partner!

Therefore, with an order of 50€ or more, the MASCHALINA VALENTINE'S DAY BOX, limited to 50 pieces and worth 100€, awaits you - a pampering package to make you shine!

What goes better with Valentine's Day than flowers? Whether classic with red roses or playful pink tulips, flowers can't be missing on Valentine's Day. That's why with the ML Valentine's Day Box you get a 10% percent coupon from Rosalies, so you can gift your loved one or yourself flowers fresh from the market!

The day of love must be celebrated! Therefore, an iced champagne should not be missing. Our favorite way to toast to love is with a sparkling bottle of Rosé sparkling wine from Schlumberger!

Even those with a sweet tooth will get their money's worth in the MASCHALINA Valentine's Day Box. You'll find two classics in one box: with sweet Mannerschnitten from Manner and salty cashews from Lorenz, there's something for everyone!

Your loved one is taking you out and you want to dress up and give yourself a self-care evening? Then run a bath with a few drops of oil from Aromapflege and treat yourself to an at home spa facial with Augenstern Skincare for your personal wellness experience. The handmade soaps from Wiener Seife pamper you with their creamy foam and fine fragrance essences.

The Berlin-based natural cosmetics label Ponyhuetchen focuses on sustainability, so you will be enchanted on Valentine's Day with the sweet scent of the solid and sustainable perfume "(K)einhorn".

Your outfit can be a little more elegant on Valentine's Day? Then try the "Trendy Lacing Net" socks from Palmers. Whether with sneakers or heels, they give every look that certain something.

Surprise! For the absolute highlight of your Valentine's Day look, finish off with exclusive Valentine's Day earrings from MASCHALINA.

Maschalina Valentine's Day Goodie Box

written by Sarah Weindl