Phone Cases


      Color-matched silicone phone cases to combine with your MASCHALINA phone chain

      With the new MASCHALINA phone accessory combinations you can positively influence your chakra. Let the calming energy of the natural gemstones of your handmade phone chain have an effect on you and be fully on trend! For each of our sustainable MASCHALINA phone chain made out of natural pearls, there is a matching silicone phone case to order seperately in our jewelry online store. The matching phone cases each have a small card pocket on the back and two loops at the bottom of the case. Therefore, they are perfect to combine with your sustainable, trendy phone chain. You can simply clip the small carabiner of your gemstone phone chain into the loops. Et Voilà: Your color matching phone jewelry is ready. Super stylish and practical at the same time! Product Note: Unlike the rest of our jewelry selection, our silicone phone cases are NOT made in Austria, but are purchased from an external retailer.

      Which silicone cell phone case matches which phone chain?

      In our new MASCHALINA CHAKRA COLLECTION we have a total of four handmade phone chains made from about 200 cut gemstone beads and four matching silicone phone cases in different colors.The phone cases to combine are available in the colors beige, yellow, purple and turquoise. Each phone case also has a small card pocket in the same color where you can store your credit card or an ID. The matching phone chain assures you that you always have your phone with you. The beige BLUSH PHONE CASE WITH LOOPS is color coordinated with the BLUSH LEO GEMSTONE CHAIN. The simple shades of this phone chain combination will go perfectly with any of your outfits. The LILAC PHONE CASE WITH LOOPS matches the handmade LILAC PINK GEMSTONE CHAIN. The TURQUOISE PHONE CASE WITH LOOPS with its bright colors is the perfect addition to the TURQUOISE GEMSTONE CHAIN. For a sunny cell phone accessory combination, the SUNNY PHONE CASE WITH LOOPS and the SUNNY NUDE GEMSTONE CHAIN go best together. Of course, you can combine the silicone phone cases with your favorite phone chain completely depending on your own preference. Depending on which color combination you like best, you can let your creativity run wild when combining.

      For which mobile phone models are the MASCHALINA phone accessories available?

      The color-coordinated silicone phone cases with a card holder and loops are available in our online store for the IPhone models: IPhone 13, IPhone 13 Max, IPhone 13 Max Pro and IPhone 12 Pro. Therefore you can order them in a color matching combination for these models. However, you can use all of our phone chains for any phone models as long as you have a matching case with loops.

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