Das Weltfrauentagsevent 2024 von MASCHALINA x IVME YOUTH CLUB

The Women Days 2024 from MASCHALINA x IVME YOUTH CLUB

International Women's Day is just around the corner! For this occasion, we have a very special invitation for all our MASCHALINA jewelry fans! The two women-led companies, MASCHALINA and IVme YOUTH CLUB, have joined forces to create an event that aims to spoil women from the inside with health and from the outside with beautiful jewelry. In this blog post, you will discover what and who exactly is behind these two Austrian labels, as well as what you can look forward to at this International Women's Day event in Vienna!

From Powerwomen* for Powerwomen*: All Details about the International Women's Day Event 2024

IVme Youth Club in the heart of Vienna, just a few minutes' walk from Stephansplatz, is opening its doors for our Women's Power Event on Friday, March 8, and Saturday, March 9, 2024. Come visit us at Habsburgergasse 5/5a, 1010 Vienna, and experience the full force of women's power yourself. An inspiring event, unique goodies, and exclusive offers await you. We have gathered our top-notch partner brands to enhance the Women Days with delicious snacks and quality gifts! NUDE ENERGY provides us with its natural energy drink from Austria. The perfect blend of the most natural ingredients ensures a harmonious taste experience and the right energy boost. With a refreshing glass of Schlumberger sparkling secco, we can raise a toast to all power women, fittingly accompanied by this quality beverage. Delicious nut mixes from Lorenz complete the welcome snacks for all Women Days guests!

In addition, fantastic Goodie Bags await you. The first 25 customers on both event days will receive Goodie Bags worth €100 each. Included in these bags are snacks from Lorenz, Schlumberger, Stauds, and Maxi and beauty gifts from p2Cosmetics, as well as BeeNatural, Wiener Seife, and Vinoble Cosmetics. Also included is a free ML jewelry piece and a -10% discount voucher for IVme, allowing you to book your first treatment at an exclusive discounted rate. Mark the weekend of International Women's Day 2024 in your calendar to ensure you don't miss this unique women's event in Vienna!

Who is behind MASCHALINA?

The Austrian jewelry label MASCHALINA was founded 11 years ago in Salzburg and has always focused on unique statement earring designs, high-quality natural materials, and meticulous craftsmanship. Austrian designer and female entrepreneur Mascha Lina Borodin is making a name for herself in the national and international jewelry and design industry with her distinctive jewelry designs. Fundamental values of the jewelry label, such as sustainable production, the durability of handmade jewelry pieces, and especially FEMALE EMPOWERMENT, have, are and will always be a top priority. Doesn't that sound just right for organizing the Women's Event 2024, don't you think?

Female Founder and Jewellery Designer Mascha Lina Borodin

What exactly is the IVme Youth Club?

The IVme Youth Club, located in the heart of Vienna's city center, is a unique oasis for health, lifestyle, and personalized therapy. Its extensive range of services includes various infusion packages, from which patients can choose according to their personal needs. Treatments are conducted under medical supervision, with the infusion packages continuously tailored to individual requirements. In addition to infusions, the Youth Club also offers diagnostic examinations, counseling sessions, and personalized therapy plans. The successful managing director, Marie Huter, and her team focus on a conscious lifestyle, modern health promotion, and effective preventive medicine with their concept. The highest medical standards and a pleasant atmosphere for all visitors are of top priority.

IVme health Vienna modern medicine vitamin infusions

What is the aim of the ML x IVme Women Days?

Three words: Woman-Power, Wellness, and Well-being! This year, the exclusive Women Days are taking place for the first time and aim not only to showcase the visions of two successful women and their business models to a satisfied audience, but also to simply bring about good vibes, a feel-good atmosphere, and some relaxation from the otherwise stressful daily routine. Join us on the weekend of International Women's Day, exchange ideas with us, get to know us and our products, and enjoy a harmonious event celebrating all women!