Edle Halloween Kostümideen mit MASCHALINA Halloween Schmuck

Classy Halloween Costume Ideas with MASCHALINA Halloween Jewelry

It's spooky time! The scariest holiday of the year is getting closer. Do you love dressing up anew every year? Halloween is the day when you can let your creativity run wild with your Halloween costume. It can be crazy, scary, flashy, and individual. But your Halloween costume is only complete with the right spooky accessories. Are you still looking for modern Halloween costume ideas? Then discover frightfully beautiful costumes, elegant Halloween costume inspirations, and the matching MASCHALINA Halloween jewelry pieces in this blog article. With the following costume ideas, you will be the absolute star at your Halloween party this year!

Costume 1: Modern Sugar Skull Costume with Matching Halloween Jewelry

A creepy skeleton costume with intricate skull makeup, also known as Sugar Skull, and colorful headgear is right on trend for Halloween 2023. You can either pair it with black Halloween jewelry or complete your already eye-catching Halloween makeup with equally colorful earrings. You can't go wrong with opulent Halloween jewelry in various colors for your costume. The handcrafted FLOWERS OF VENUS EARRINGS complement your spooky look perfectly with their extravagant shape and deep black tone. For more costume inspiration, we have other black earrings as Halloween accessories in our online jewelry shop that are perfect for an elegant Halloween look. If you prefer a rather colorful and vibrant look, you can also combine colorful statement earrings with your colorful Halloween makeup. The SPANISH FAITH STATEMENT EARRINGS feature a beautiful play of colors with colorful natural pearls and an extravagant design. Whether you opt for a contrasting look with black statement jewelry against colorful Halloween makeup or a completely colorful spooky look, your unique designer earrings will enhance your Halloween look in 2023!


Costume 2: A Spooky Barbie in Pink

Since a couple of months, everything has been about one thing: Barbie! Halloween 2023 is no different! Become a spooky Barbie and style your trendy and modern Halloween costume with bright pink designer jewelry! The hand-sewn PORTOFINO ROCK EARRINGS are perfect Barbie accessories. Designed for the MASCHALINA summer collection, they can also complete your Barbie costume as Halloween accessories this year. The pink shimmering SHADES OF COTE D’AZUR EARRINGS in droplet form are also ideal as pink Halloween earrings. Explore our entire MASCHALINA BARBIE JEWELRY collection and complete your costume with loads of kitschy accessories!


Costume 3: White Halloween Accessories for Your Horror Bride Costume

Capture everyone's attention with your attention-grabbing costume and dress up as a spooky horror bride. Red, blood-smeared lips, a torn wedding dress, beautiful headgear, and, finally, white, eye-catching earrings to complete your Halloween look. If you thought our MASCHALINA wedding jewelry is only seen at festive weddings, we'll prove you wrong. Because even for your horror bride costume, bright statement earrings are perfect. The white, hand-sewn DIAMOND WEDDING STATEMENT EARRINGS are an opulent addition to your eerie Halloween costume. Another option is combining our flower-shaped FIJI HONEYMOON EARRINGS. These white wedding earrings can also be perfectly combined with your horror bride costume. Behold: Suddenly, the otherwise romantically shimmering MASCHALINA wedding earrings complement your spooky Halloween looks.


Costume 4: Green Halloween Earrings for the Classic Witch Costume

Of course, there are costumes that always work! There is probably no year when you can go wrong with a tried-and-true witch costume. As classic as this costume idea may be, there are even more variations of witch costumes in various designs. Finalize your Halloween witch look with our sustainable, elegant statement earrings, and you will be a unique witch for sure! The green COOL LUMINARY EARRINGS or the teardrop-shaped GREEN SEA LAGOON EARRINGS create a mystical eerie atmosphere, perfect for the spookiest of all holidays. With your MASCHALINA Halloween earrings, you'll stand out even with a typical witch costume as truly unique!


With these spooky Halloween costume ideas and matching MASCHALINA Halloween jewelry, you'll be perfectly styled for any party. Capture everyone's attention at this year's Halloween celebration on October 31st when it's time for a spooky atmosphere!

written by Lara Sommerauer