Gossip Girl Ohrringe von MASCHALINA

Gossip Girl Earrings from MASCHALINA

Who didn't love the US series Gossip Girl in their youth? Characterized by rumors, intrigue and lots of love drama in New York's Upper East Side scene, the series is also marked by distinctly stylish outfits. Big statement earrings in MASCHALINA style are definitely to be discovered in the series. 

And who doesn't know that: sometimes, years later, you just really feel like watching your favorite series from your youth again. So make yourself comfortable and enjoy the drama series one more time. This time, you can pay extra attention to the Gossip Girl jewelry to recreate the Gossip Girl series looks. Whether modern like Serena Van der Woodsen or classic like Blair Waldorf - in this blog post we give you an overview, which MASCHALINA earrings are completely in the Gossip Girl trend. Whether modern like Serena van der Woodsen or classic like Blair Waldorf - in this blog post we give you an overview of which MASCHALINA earrings are completely in the Gossip Girl trend.

Gossip Girl Star Kelly Rutherford Loves MASCHALINA Drop Earrings

Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford loves the MASCHALINA Drops of Silver earrings. The star plays Lily van der Woodsen, the mother of main actress Serena van der Woodsen, in the TV series. Both in the series and in real life, the Gossip Girl actress loves to wear classic statement earrings in silver. These match her classic, classy clothing style and can also be perfectly combined with other pearl jewelry. But not only New Yorker Lily van der Woodsen likes to wear classic Gossip Girl earrings in the series, Blair Waldorf, the best friend of the main actress, also follows the elegant style. She also loves, earrings in simple colors like silver, white or black. Pearl earrings are also very popular with the Gossip Girl stars. But if you like it more colorful, MASCHALINA is also well supplied. The Gossip Girl Drop earrings are available in different colors.


Die Gossip Girl Statement Ohrringe: Ornament von Kelly

After actor Kelly Rutherford fell in love with the Drops of Silver earrings, we dedicated a statement earring design to her: the Ornament of Kelly earrings. These Gossip Girl earrings are also very much in keeping with the style of the show. The dark, moss green earring is suitable as an accessory for elegant evening outfits at the next It party. Whether with a black dress or a striking, colorful jumpsuit - the statement earrings can be combined quite differently. In addition, other Gossip Girl jewelry, such as gold rings with precious stones or pearl necklaces can be fashionably worn with them. One thing is for sure, with MASCHALINA Gossip Girl earrings you will attract some attention. Hopefully, however, you will be spared the intrigue and love dramas ;)



written by Tatjana Borodin