What is the best way to travel with jewellery?

The long-awaited vacation finally arrives, and your outfits are already planned through to the tiniest detail. The only thing left to do is to figure out how to make it all fit in your suitcase. But, after not being able to travel for so long one might be a little bit out of practice playing Tetris with one‘s clothes. However, nothing seems impossible until you start to wonder how to safely pack your jewelry . One option might be putting everything in separate little bags to keep it from tangling but that doesn’t keep your precious jewels from getting smashed or damaged. Remember how easily your favorite pair of earrings got crushed in your bag last summer. A scenario that you definitely want to avoid this year. You might almost decide to just leave it all at home to avoid getting stressed out about losing your favorite accessories. But don’t give way to despair just yet! We might be able to have the perfect solution for every jewelry lover out there!


As someone who never wants to renounce leaving their jewelry at home, I will let you in on a little secret: jewelry travel cases! A simple and easy solution to have all your jewelry pieces, no matter how tiny in one safe place. As opposed to putting everything in little plastic bags, like I personally used to do, jewelry travel cases are a much more sustainable and secure option. Every earring, every necklace, and every ring no matter how delicate or tiny will be organized and there is no fear of losing or damaging your pieces. Say goodbye to the times when your dainty rings got lost in the depths of your bag or your favorite pair of earrings got completely crushed.


So, where can you find such a magical, much-needed case for all your jewels? Let us help you out: we would like to introduce you to our personal studio favorite: these gorgeous travel cases from VOLIE. With four necklace hooks to prevent your precious necklaces from tangling, five slots for dainty rings or ear studs, and even three additional compartments for bracelets or anklets, this case can hold everything you’ll ever need on your trip!

The only thing left to complete the ultimate vacation ambiance is to find your new favorite summer accessories to fill up your travel case. Inspired by the longing for the summer sun, dreamy beaches, and the salty ocean air, our new MASCHALINA BEAUREVE COLLECTION might have just the right accessory to make your summer look shine! Let yourself be surprised and find your new favourite piece of jewellery for the summer.

Reisen mit Maschalina Schmuck

written by Janine Weiß