Pearl necklace, choker or gold necklace with heart pendant - what are the necklace trends?

      You want to buy the latest bracelet trends online? Of course, MASCHALINA's seasonal jewelry collections include current necklace trends like chokers, freshwater pearl necklaces and symbol pendants. Since the necklaces should be combinable with our earrings, we emphasize delicate designs. Many of our handmade designer necklaces can be worn as tight chokers as well as long necklaces. Combining our fairly produced necklace designs can also create a personal and individual look. Ordering sustainably produced freshwater pearl necklaces, gold necklaces or silver fashion necklaces online is made easy for you in the MASCHALINA Jewelry Online Shop! Whether it's a roséold fashion necklace for your best friend's birthday, an elegant pearl necklace for the ball season or a gold necklace with an embedded gemstone as a Christmas gift - at MASCHALINA you can order the right designer necklace online for any occasion.

      What makes MASCHALINA necklaces so high quality?

      The links of our high quality MASCHALINA designer necklaces are made of real silver, real silver gold plated, real silver roségold plated or real silver surgical steel. The material of the individual necklaces is exactly described in each product description. Whether gold necklaces with set gemstone, roségold necklace with a cute saint pendant or freshwater pearls - in our online jewelry store there are various fashion necklaces to buy. Our threaded pearl necklaces, which can also be worn as chokers, are hand-knotted on a high-quality silk ribbon and combined with a genuine silver clasp. Most of our necklaces are even adjustable to different sizes, so that the necklaces can also be combined in beautiful combinations or adapted to individual neck sizes. If the handmade and fair produced necklaces need cleaning, we recommend to use a disinfecting cloth or real silver polishing cloth.

      How do I care for MASCHALINA jewelry necklaces properly?

      Our goldsmith necklaces are made of real silver, real silver gold plated and nickel free stainless steel. Gemstones and freshwater pearls are set in this material. This type of chain can come into contact with shower water without any problems. If a necklace is taken off for a while and oxidizes or tarnishes, it can be restored to its original shine with a silver polishing cloth without any further problems. Our threaded pearl necklaces are more sensitive and should ideally be taken off when showering. As the silk thread could otherwise fray over time. If the fashionable pearl necklaces need cleaning, we recommend using a disinfecting cloth or real silver polishing cloth for the necklace clasps.

      How do I untie a knot in my necklace?

      If your favorite necklace is knotted, you can untie it with a simple knot. To do this, you need two pins, which you carefully try to insert into the knot of the fashion necklace. By careful movements, the mesh of the necklace can be pulled apart. For transportation, we recommend our trick that you will find in the next paragraph.

      How do I transport MASCHALINA necklaces correctly?

      You want to wear your favorite necklace and notice that it is tangled with a second one or has a knot. Nothing is more difficult than untying that necklace knot. To properly transport a fashion necklace from A to B, there are simple tricks. You hang the necklace vertically in a pressure lock bag and pinch the end of the necklace at the pressure lock. This allows the necklace to hang freely vertically without getting knotted. If you want to transport several fashion necklaces, you should clamp each necklace of a separate pressure lock bag. Goodbye knots.

      What kind of necklaces does MASCHALINA offer?

      As a sustainable jewelry label, we only offer necklaces made from the highest quality natural materials. That's why you'll find many modernly interpreted pearl necklaces at MASCHALINA. We also use unique freshwater pearls that are discarded by other jewelry companies because of their unusual shape. We think that no pearls should be thrown away and the unusual shape, finally makes the chains so special. Besides pearl necklaces, we also have real silver necklaces and gemstone necklaces in our assortment.

      How long are MASCHALINA necklaces?

      Our necklaces can usually be worn at different lengths. The length of the necklaces in our collection varies from 35cm to 86cm. The longest MASCHALINA necklace is the colorful RAINBOW GEMS NECKLACE. The special thing about this necklace is that you can wear it not only in full length, but also double hung in short length. You can currently see colorful gems necklaces on many Hollywood stars.

      Which necklaces are trending right now?

      The trend in 2023 is mainly short pearl necklaces with special natural pearls in extraordinary shapes. The SHELLONA LOVE PEARL NECKLACE and the SHELL BEACH PEARL NECKLACE, for example, are modern necklaces that are right on trend.

      Which material is best for necklaces?

      The best and most sustainable material to use for necklaces are high-quality natural materials such as pearls, gemstones and precious metals. These are resistant and last an exceptionally long time. The fair produced MASCHALINA necklaces are only made of quality materials like freshwater pearls, gemstones, and sterling silver 925.

      How do I transport my MASCHALINA necklaces properly?

      Transporting necklaces unprotected often leads to them getting tangled. Once a knot is there, it is often difficult to untie. To properly transport a necklace from A to B, it is best to hang the necklace vertically in a pressure lock bag and pinch the end of the necklace at the pressure lock. This allows the necklace to hang freely vertically without getting knotted. If you want to transport several necklaces at the same time, you should clamp them in separate pressure lock bags.

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