Ringtrends 2024 und extra Ringgrößen bei MASCHALINA

Ring Trends 2024 - Discover them with extra ring sizes at MASCHALINA

Ring-stacking, rings made of natural stones, cute knuckle rings, summery pearl rings, and stretchable rings... The variety of ring trends is impressive! One thing is clear: Combining different rings is guaranteed to stay in fashion for a long time! However, it's not always easy to find the right ring size. You can find out how to determine your ring size here. Wearing rings in the wrong size can be very annoying. For example, if your ring is too big, it can slip off and, in the worst case, get lost. To avoid this, we at MASCHALINA have expanded our range of ring sizes and offer both extra small and extra large ring sizes. In this blog post, we present our favorite ring trends 2024 along with our exclusive ring sizes and show you why MASCHALINA rings are both practical and stylish at the same time!

MASCHALINA Trend 1: Rings made of natural pearls

Pearl jewellery in any form is an indispensable part of the fashion world. We are known to be big fans of it: In our online jewellery shop, you will find a wide selection of pearl necklaces, handmade pearl earrings and bracelets with pearl pendants. But pearl rings are also an essential accessory due to their classic yet trendy design. Sustainable rings made of natural materials are all the rage! At MASCHALINA, you will find a top selection of pearl rings in various colors and styles. From colorful stretch rings to classic pearl rings in white and cream tones - our range offers the perfect accessory for every taste. And with our extra small and extra large ring sizes, you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit!

MASCHALINA Trend 2: Rings with cute motifs

Jewellery can be playful! Another ring trend for 2024 is rings with cute charms. Our top recommendations for this: The NAXOS FLOWER RING is a shimmering pearl ring with a cute flower pendant made of mother-of-pearl. The perfect accessory for this ring trend. You can't go wrong with the MATI PEARL RING either when restyling this trend. The mother-of-pearl pendant, in the form of a protective eye, is not only super modern but also supposed to protect you from evil. A cute pendant with a sweet message!

MASCHALINA Trend 3: Golden stretch rings

We love elaborate ring combos as well as striking statement rings. But every ring-stacking look also needs simple, classic rings that can be combined with anything. What is easier to style than simple gold rings? For an elegant and versatile look, golden stretch rings are indispensable. Whether plain and classic or adorned with a natural stone - our gold rings like the ANJUNA GOLDRING and the GREEN TREASURE RING give your ring combination in 2024 the finishing touch. And of course, we also offer our special ring sizes here so that everyone can find the perfect ring!

Don't miss the opportunity to discover and restyle the trendiest ring trends of 2024 with the right ring sizes at MASCHALINA! Visit our online jewellery shop, browse through our jewellery collection and find your new favorite ring!