Hey ML-Fan! To create (even) more transparency, today we are going to introduce you to our MASCHALINA Team in a bit more detail. In this blog post, you will find out who is behind the idea, the marketing and the sales of the Austrian jewellery brand!

Founder and Jewellery Designer Mascha Lina Borodin

It all starts with the idea. The idea of the slow fashion jewellery brand MASCHALINA was born almost twelve years ago by the Salzburg designer Mascha Lina Borodin. Since then, jewellery designer Mascha Lina Borodin has been living her passion for designing new jewellery creations. With passion, the female founder designs beautiful jewellery collections full of opulent statement earrings, trendy bracelets, small earstuds and dreamy necklaces in the unique MASCHALINA style. The Austrian designer gets inspiration for her jewellery creations mainly while traveling. Architectural details and the unique atmosphere on vacation provide the designer with creative input for various shapes, colour- and material combinations for her handcrafted jewellery pieces.

Mascha Lina Borodin female founder and Austrian jewellery designer wearing her own handmade Statement earrings

The entire MASCHALINA team consists of young women who add their personal touch to the company through their daily work! A harmonious work environment and a team where you feel comfortable and can develop yourself and your strengths are top priorities at MASCHALINA. 

The ML-Team at the Vienna Jewellery Atelier

Our MASCHALINA atelier is located in the third district of Vienna. From here, almost everything you see from us happens! From preparing the selected jewellery materials, via marketing the products, all the way to actually packing and shipping your order. For the initial step of sorting the right pearls that are being sent to our productions, our Jewellery Production Manager Becci is mainly responsible. With comprehensive knowledge of the individual materials and the manufacturing process, as well as craftmanhsip skills, she provides our designer with strong and reliable support. Next, our marketing Team - Chiara (Head of Marketing, Social and PR) and Lara (Marketing, PR and SEO) - take care of the promotion of our label. Press releases, newsletters and blog posts on the latest topics at MASCHALINA are regularly sent to editors, journalists and customers and great social media giveaways are organised. Our Webshop Manager Elita has an overview of all processes and ensures the up-to-dateness of our website as well as the digital design.

MASCHALINA Girls Atelier Female lead company female empowerment

As external support for our social media presence, we have Jana with her own advertising agency, who assists us with her input and creative work. For photo shoots, we gladly enlist help from our photographer Tatjana and an extra good atmosphere in the atelier is ensured when our four-legged friend Happiness Manager Wilma stops by for a visit!

Only the actual production of our jewellery pieces is outsourced. Our MASCHALINA jewellery has always been locally produced. Hardworking employees manufacture our jewellery pieces for us in social Viennese workshops by hand, using a special sewing technique. Currently, we collaborate with four Viennese workshops. Utmost care in craftmanship and highest quality natural materials ensure that our long lasting designer jewellery will last for a very long time. For a final quality check, the sewn jewellery pieces are then returned to our atelier, where we inspect them once more for a very last quality check, before they are put on our website.

MASCHALINA Girls Atelier Female lead company female empowerment

At MASCHALINA, above all, we are one thing: A team! What we all share is the love for what we do, for our creativity and visions and for each other! Because what started as colleagues working together turned into real friendships, shaped by mutual appreciation and validation. Nothing fills our workday, even in the busiest of times, with more joy and comfort!