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      Romantic MASCHALINA Wedding Jewellery for Your Dream Bridal Look

      Are you in search of the perfect, elegant jewellery pieces to complement your wedding dress? Look no further! The latest MASCHALINA SOULMATE COLLECTION is dedicated to the theme of love, and that for a very special reason: Jewellery Designer Mascha Lina Borodin recently got married and, in celebration, she has created brand new earring designs that are now available in our online jewellery shop. Discover the romantic statement earrings from the new wedding jewellery collection and fall in love with them. Combine the different pieces of jewellery with your wedding dress and complete your special bridal look with exclusive, handmade fashion earrings. These are truly exceptional wedding earrings for your extraordinary wedding day!

      Opulent Statement Earrings for the Bride and Bridesmaids with a Personal Touch

      In our most personal collection yet, we have created four dreamy statement designs that are the perfect jewellery companions for special occasions. The new earrings were specifically designed for Mascha Lina Borodin's own wedding and were inspired by her vision and the personal preferences of her bridesmaids. Mascha Lina Borodin's passion for statement designs shines through in the new wedding earrings. After all, what could be better for a dream bridal look than extravagant statement earrings? The new earring designs differ from each other, both in shape and color. Just like the bride and the bridesmaids themselves, the wedding accessories dedicated to them should be as unique as they are. Whether it's long, asymmetrical dangling earrings in modern red and green tones, brightly sparkling statement earrings in pastel colours, handcrafted earrings made of exquisite beige-gray gemstones, or extravagant gemstone chandelier earrings, all of our new opulent MASCHALINA jewellery designs guarantee a wow moment and make you the absolute center of attention at any wedding.

      How Are Your Wedding Earrings Produced? Handmade and in Austria!

      At MASCHALINA, we have always prioritized responsible production and meticulous design. Therefore, all of our jewellery pieces are produced in local workshops in Vienna, including our wedding earrings. The meticulous design and careful arrangement of the gemstones ensure that the jewellery pieces are lightweight and comfortable to wear, despite their size. Our handmade fashion jewellery is made exclusively from high-quality natural materials such as semi-precious gemstones, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, 925 sterling silver and Swarovski glass. The durable natural materials are handcrafted with utmost care in social facilities using a special sewing technique to create your earrings. This approach allows us to maintain close contact with our artisans and know who is responsible for the careful production of our jewellery. We are committed to creating high-quality designer wedding jewellery that will last for years and can be cherished and worn many times over.

      How heavy are the new MASCHALINA wedding earrings?

      We understand the dilemma. Weddings can often last for a long time, and ideally, we want to look stylish from start to finish. However, large statement earrings can sometimes cause discomfort and soreness after wearing them for hours due to their weight. At MASCHALINA, we strive to create lightweight statement earring designs that can be worn comfortably for many hours. Generally, our earrings weigh no more than 10 grams per earring. However, in this particular collection, there are some pieces that exceed this maximum weight. The exclusive bridal earrings primarily feature genuine gemstones, which inherently have more weight. Normally, we balance the weight of the gemstones by incorporating other materials such as Swarovski crystals and pearls. However, for these personalized earrings designed for a special occasion, predominantly heavier gemstones were used. Nonetheless, we prioritize maximum comfort and ensure that the earrings are crafted to be as comfortable as possible with their opulent design.

      How quickly can your bridal jewellery be delivered?

      On average, our jewellery leaves the studio twice a week. Within Austria, depending on the order date, the jewellery can be delivered within 2-5 working days. For orders within the EU, delivery usually takes between 5-7 working days. If you need your order more urgently, you can either pick it up yourself at our Vienna studio in the third district after 24 hours, or you can send us an email to our customer service at We strive to bring your bridal jewellery to you as quickly as possible!

      Wide selection of wedding jewellery in our online jewellery shop

      Whether you are a bridesmaid at your best friend's wedding or the bride on your own wedding day, the particularly personal jewellery pieces from the SOULMATE COLLECTION symbolize love, trust, and appreciation for the people who are most important to you! Among the four new statement wedding designs, there is surely a piece of jewellery that can become your very special bridal jewellery. If you are looking for wedding jewellery in light pastel colors and radiant white tones, we also have a wide range of high-quality wedding jewellery for that. You can enhance the new SOULMATE COLLECTION with other white bridal jewellery pieces, elegant velvet bracelets, or elegant pearl necklaces. Let your creativity run wild as you combine different bridal designs for yourself and your bridesmaids. Find your personal, unique combination of wedding jewellery for your special wedding day!

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