What makes MASCHALINA Earcuffs so high quality?

      The links of our high quality MASCHALINA Designer Earcuffs are made of real silver or real silver gold plated. Which material the individual anklets are made of is described exactly in each product description. Whether gold earcuff with semi-precious stones, silver earcuff with studs or gold earcuffs - in our jewelry online store you can buy various fairly produced fashion earcuffs. Since the quality Earcuffs are flexible, they are individually adjustable for your ears.

      How do I style MASCHALINA Earcuffs best?

      The Earcuffs of our online store are available in different colors and shapes. This makes them perfect to wear with different outfits and occasions. The stylish Earcuffs can be combined with an elegant as well as responsibly produced and handmade MASCHALINA Earring. The small styling accessory will lighten up any look and add a cool touch to the outfit. We do not sell our MASCHALINA Earcuffs in pairs, but by the piece. So you can even combine several Earcuffs with each other and style an individual look. Whether golden Earcuffs with structure, trendy silver Earcuff for the summer party or high-quality Earcuff as a jewelry gift - at MASCHALINA you can find the right designer jewelry for every occasion.

      How do I close my Earcuff?

      Our MASCHALINA Earcuffs are made of real silver and real silver gold plated. Real silver is a very soft and flexible material. Therefore, the Earcuffs can be bent open and closed to put them on. You do not need a pierced ear to wear an Earcuff. The jewelry can be worn on the side or at the top of the ear cartilage.

      How do I care for and transport MASCHALINA Earcuffs properly?

      If the fair produced Earcuffs need cleaning, we recommend to use a disinfecting cloth or a real silver polishing cloth. In order not to lose the filigree Earcuff, a small bag or the foldable MASCHALINA box should be used for transport.

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